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Turf Deli provides detailed form guides as well as light hearted articles of questionable sanity.

There are no claims of easy money, get rich quick schemes or selective memory when it comes to results.

What is provided is argumentative, critical and of course, extremely opinionated form analysis for the serious form students, broken up with witty banter galore for the casual Spring Carnival Punter.

Turf Deli commenced in 1999 and runs a spring campaign every year commencing mid August.

Read about our fantastic
Spring Campaign 2010.

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This week's form guide 13/08/2022:

Lawrence Stakes 13/08/2022

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Recent Form Guides and Tips

Turf Deli Spring Campaign 2022

Every year for the last 20 years we have pumped out a weekly newsletter for around 20 meetings from August to November, with a detailed form guide for the main race, race tips, a suggested betting portfolio, and done our best to misinform the public with the latest racing “news”.

Which is a utterly ridiculous amount of work – but also a lot of fun. This year we are going to cut things down a fair bit, and just run a Mini Turf Deli.

We will still cover all the feature meetings, but we will only be posting tips on Facebook and Twitter , with no newsletters mailed out.

There will be suggested bets and the extremely popular weekly $50 Betting Portfolio, but no detailed main race preview.

Spring 2022 Form Guides:

Liston Stakes 13/08/2022

Spring 2021 Form Guides:

Stakes Day 06/11/2021

Oaks Day 04/11/2021

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Cox Plate 23/10/2021

Manikato Stakes 22/10/2021

Caulfield Cup 16/10/2021

Thousand Guineas 13/10/2021

Caulfield Guineas 09/10/2021

Turnbull Stakes 02/10/2021

Underwood Stakes 25/09/2021

Moir Stakes 24/09/2021

Rupert Clarke Stakes 18/09/2021

Makybe Diva Stakes 11/09/2021

Feehan Stakes 04/09/2021

Memsie Stakes 28/08/2021

Carlyon Stakes 21/08/2021

Liston Stakes 14/08/2021

Spring 2020 Form Guides:

Sandown Classic 14/11/2020

Stakes Day 07/11/2020

Oaks Day 05/11/2020

Melbourne Cup 03/11/2020

Derby Day 31/10/2020

Cox Plate 24/10/2020

Manikato Stakes 23/10/2020

Caulfield Cup 17/10/2020

Blue Sapphire Stakes 14/10/2020

Caulfield Guineas 10/10/2020

Turnbull Stakes 03/10/2020

Underwood Stakes 26/09/2020

Moir Stakes 25/09/2020

Rupert Clarke Stakes 19/09/2020

Makybe Diva Stakes 12/09/2020

Feehan Stakes 05/09/2020

Memsie Stakes 29/08/2020

Carlyon Stakes 22/08/2020

Liston Stakes 15/08/2020

Spring 2019 Form Guides:

Sandown Classic 16/11/2019

Stakes Day 09/11/2019

Oaks Day 07/11/2019

Melbourne Cup 05/11/2019

Derby Day 02/11/2019

Cox Plate 26/10/2019

Caulfield Cup 19/10/2019

Blue Sapphire Stakes 16/10/2019

Caulfield Guineas 12/10/2019

Turnbull Stakes 05/10/2019

Underwood Stakes 29/09/2019

Moir Stakes 27/09/2019

Rupert Clarke Stakes 21/09/2019

Makybe Diva Stakes 14/09/2019

Feehan Stakes 07/09/2019

Memsie Stakes 31/08/2019

Carlyon Stakes 24/08/2019

Lawrence Stakes 17/08/2019

Spring 2018 Form Guides:

Sandown Classic 17/11/2018

Stakes Day 10/11/2018

Oaks Day 08/11/2018

Melbourne Cup 06/11/2018

Derby Day 03/11/2018

Cox Plate 27/10/2018

Manikato Stakes 26/10/2018

Caulfield Cup 20/10/2018

Blue Sapphire Stakes 17/10/2018

Caulfield Guineas 13/10/2018

Turnbull Stakes 06/10/2018

Underwood Stakes 30/09/2018

Moir Stakes 28/09/2018

Rupert Clarke Stakes 22/09/2018

Makybe Diva Stakes 15/09/2018

Memsie Stakes 01/09/2018

Carlyon Stakes 25/08/2018

Lawrence Stakes 18/08/2018

Spring 2017 Form Guides:

Sandown Classic 18/11/2017

Stakes Day 11/11/2017

Oaks Day 09/11/2017

Melbourne Cup 07/11/2017

Derby Day 04/11/2017

Cox Plate 28/10/2017

Manikato Stakes 27/10/2017

Caulfield Cup 21/10/2017

Blue Sapphire Stakes 18/10/2017

Caulfield Guineas 14/10/2017

Turnbull Stakes 07/10/2017

Underwood Stakes 01/10/2017

Moir Stakes 29/09/2017

Naturalism Stakes 23/09/2017

Makybe Diva Stakes 16/09/2017

Dato Tan Chin Nam Stakes 09/09/2017

Memsie Stakes 02/09/2017

Carlyon Stakes 26/08/2017

Lawrence Stakes 19/08/2017

Spring 2016 Form Guides:

Sandown Classic 12/11/2016

Stakes Day 05/11/2016

Oaks Day 03/11/2016

Melbourne Cup 01/11/2016

Derby Day 29/10/2016

Cox Plate 22/10/2016

Caulfield Cup 15/10/2016

Blue Sapphire Stakes 12/10/2016

Caulfield Guineas 08/10/2016

Turnbull Stakes 02/10/2016

Moir Stakes 30/09/2016

Rupert Clarke Stakes 24/09/2016

Naturalism Stakes 17/09/2016

Makybe Diva Stakes 10/09/2016

Dato Tan Chin Nam Stakes 03/09/2016

Memsie Stakes 27/08/2016

Carlyon Stakes 20/08/2016

Lawrence Stakes 13/08/2016

Cheap Laughs

Keep yourself amused with our usual nonsense in the On The Lawn section or one of our Weekly Newsletters.

Betting Offers

Moonee Valley Stars on the Big Screen

We delcare an undying love for the old school tote boards.
Those long, big and bulky monoliths, that hold your punting fate in their hands as you nervously wait for a number to flash up in a tight finish. Hang on - is that a 6 or an 8 ? A 4 maybe ?


Kerry Packer's Sandown

Together Sandown and VFL Park formed the pride of 1960's construction, and prime examples of what you could do with an awful lot of concrete and a few pie warmers in empty paddocks in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.


Flemington Track Guide

Everything you need to know to survive Cup Week on course.


150 Years of the Melbourne Cup - Part One

Over the next week the airwaves will be inundated with epic, sepia toned, historical flashbacks of the Cup Greats, voiced by over Australianised narrators to coincide with the 150th Melbourne Cup.


150 Years of the Melbourne Cup - Part Two

The Cup changed forever in 1927 with the birth of a bouncy, eye browed baby boy named James Bartholomew Cummings. Disappointingly he failed to even have a Cup runner, yet alone win a Cup in his first year of life


Jockey Adoption Program

Come Spring time these cute little cuddly fellas are always so popular. Everyone wants one or wants to look like one at the fancy dress Melbourne Cup BBQ. But you need to remember a jockey is not just for Spring Carnival.


Ever Changing Names

This is the race that you will often hear trainers warmly refer to in interviews about their up and coming spring stars as "that Group 1 1400M race - whatever it is called this year".


read more

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