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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Kerry Packer's Sandown

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Sandown Stars In Its Own Mini-Series

Poor old Sandown racecourse misses out on nearly all of the Spring Carnival spotlight.

However, those of you watching the glowing tributes to Kerry Packer the last couple of weekends (after all, he was the first man on the moon - wasn't he ?), would have noticed some very familiar scenes.

Sure the lead actor was great, and it was really impressive how all those Aussie actors could grow facial hair, but the real star of the show was Sandown racecourse, which was put to good use in so many of the car park, grandstand, walkway and stairwell scenes in Kerry Packer's War.

Sandown racecourse is of course world renown for its car parks, walkways and stairwells as is evident from the steady stream of tour buses zooming down Dandenong Road carrying eager tourists from all over the world.

Most of the VFL Park scenes were filmed at majestic Sandown, which is very much the twin of the now demolished VFL Park.

Together Sandown and VFL Park formed the pride of 1960's construction, and prime examples of what you could do with an awful lot of concrete and a few pie warmers in empty paddocks in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Fortunately, although VFL park is long gone, Sandown lives on and is still very, very much in original condition.

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