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A Jockey Is Not Just for Xmas

The Cyberhorse Racehorse Outplacement Program was recently launched by Victorian Racing Minister Rob Hulls.

This program seeks to help retired racehorses make the transition to a life after racing and find them suitable homes and careers. Unlike most retired humans, this does not include looking after the grandchildren 24/7.

Obviously this is a fantastic idea that should be supported. In fact 2007 BMW Winner BLUTIGEROO is currently enjoying the sunshine, sipping tea and doing The Age Cryptic Crossword in our inner city courtyard garden as we speak.

This follows on from the very successful Greyhound Adoption Program which has been operating for a few years now. The most famous graduate of this program is of course, Santa's Little Helper from The Simpsons.

But that got us thinking.
Isn't it time for an Adopt A Jockey program?

Come Spring time these cute little cuddly fellas are always so popular. Everyone wants one or wants to look like one at the fancy dress Melbourne Cup BBQ. But you need to remember a jockey is not just for Spring Carnival.

At the end of every Cup Week unloved jockeys are often just left abandoned on the steps of the local TAB. Many have no idea how to fend for themselves in the real world, they have been trained to a harsh punishing routine of early morning track work, wasting away in saunas and BMWs before their 21st birthday.

So think about adopting a jockey. They are available in a wide range of silks / colour schemes so they can make a great garden feature. Jockeys are up bright and early every morning and can make themselves useful by bringing in the newspaper, or riding the dog in his morning gallop. Plus they eat barely anything, and can comfortably live on a diet of small bugs and leaves. Properly trained to follow instructions (unlike what occurs in race conditions), a jockey can be a welcome addition to any family home.

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