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Craiglee Stakes Cash Cow !!!
Craiglee Stakes : 04/09/2004

Turf Deli has had a bumper start to the racing season which means it is time to release a gratuitous gloating email in the interests of shameless self promotion.

Any seasoned punter knows Irony well - the horse you backed heavily last start when it lost, comes out and wins this week at big odds. Or after spending hours studying the form, balancing and counter balancing certain factors, your grandmother gets that big trifecta by combining her shoe size with her birthday and that tip the nice man in the taxi gave her. Punters know to stare Irony calmly in the face - then make fun when his back is turned.

On Saturday, we finessed trying to snare value trifectas in our Betting Portfolio spending $50 to lose the lot - only to tip the $891 trifecta in our selections for a measly $6. Irony was no match for the might of the Craiglee Stakes Cash Cow .

Yes we found the 'upset' result in the Craiglee Stakes :

3 - HUGS DANCER (W=$42.70)
in our selections, but did not stop there - tipping both the quinella
10-ELVSTROEM, 3-HUGS DANCER Quinella = $53.90
and the box trifecta
10-ELVSTROEM, 3-HUGS DANCER, 14-ZAGALIA Trifecta = $891.80

and there was plenty more where that came from :

Two Winners on Top :
RACE 1 : 7-UNBATED 1st W=$5.50
RACE 2 : 2-SCHUMPETER 1st W=$3.90

SIX Winners in the three selections :
RACE 1 : 7-UNBATED 1st W=$5.50
RACE 2 : 2-SCHUMPETER 1st W=$3.90
RACE 3 : 7-LADY OF THE DESERT 1st W=$3.20
RACE 5 : 7-ALINGHI 1st W=$1.90
RACE 6 : 3 - HUGS DANCER W=$42.70
RACE 9 : 7-CONFECTIONER 1st W=$3.40
THREE Quinellas :
RACE 1 : 7-UNBATED , 6-SHARP AUNTY Quinella : $16.10
RACE 3 : 7-LADY OF THE DESERT, 4-CHUT Quinella : $8.00
RACE 6 : 10-ELVSTROEM, 3-HUGS DANCER Quinella = $53.90
Which was nicely toped off with two box trifectas :
RACE 3 : 7-LADY OF THE DESERT, 4-CHUT, 13-GRANMA GERTY Trifecta : $35.30
RACE 6 : 10-ELVSTROEM, 3-HUGS DANCER, 14-ZAGALIA Trifecta = $891.80

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