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Someone Please Train Me 12/09/02

Like blood stock agents, trainers are happy to find a suitable horse for you at one of the sales if you approach them and discuss your requirements. The Racing Victoria website has contact details for most metropolitan and country trainers, and nearly all of them have email these days - so its damm easy just to drop them a line and see what they can do for you. Even if you are just a mug punter like ourselves and the thought of contacting a trainer makes you quake in your boots. Although do remember, between track work, race meetings, Sunday meetings and night meetings trainers grab power naps whenever they can, so be careful not to disturb their afternoon snooze.

Obviously before you go to the sales you need to have some sort of idea about what trainer you are going to send your pride and joy too. Else you are going to end up taking your new purchase home in the back of the ute and keeping it in the backyard, and most inner city apartments have strict policies regarding pets, race horses and endangered species. Pity they don't screen the tenants that closely.

Once again, we were doing this on a budget, so a city trainer was probably beyond our means. We instead decided to try and pick someone just out of town, at a training centre like Cranbourne, Mornington or Geelong, so we can easily whip out and see how our filly is coming along without having to pack an overnight bag or get international visas.

Seeing we had scored ourselves a Perugino filly, there was really only one option - Bruce Purcell at Cranbourne, who has had a lot of success with the Perugino mare Tickle My. If ours ends up being 1/2 as good as her we will be very happy punters. So once the hammer fell, our filly was on the float heading to her new home.You can check out their facilities at the Purcell Racing web site .

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