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Meet The Parents 16/09/02

It can take a while to get your horse to the track - they need time to develop, grow and work out what it is all about. In the mean time, there are plenty of activities to keep the syndicate busy.

First, of course, there is the mind boggling debate over naming rights, which is an epic that deserves its own mini series.

Then there are the outstanding bills to clean up. Usually once you buy a yearling at the sales you get it scoped, which means they get a tube down their throat to check their airways (cause it’s a bit hard to get a horse to stick is tongue out and say "AHH"). Then there is insurance to organise to protect our investment should anything go wrong - and make sure she gets a private room if she should ever need medical treatment. Unfortunately there is no insurance to protect you from buying a slow one, buts that’s the thrill of the unknown. Finally, there are the float bills to pay - you can't just get her a Zone 1+2+3 travel card and plonk her on a train to Cranbourne.

We also decided to pay the nomination for the 2003 Inglis Premier race which is a dash for dollars down the dubious straight at Flemington restricted to those who have come through the Inglis sales. Growing kids eat a lot, but even with the bills coming in, everything stayed nicely to the predicted budget and was very affordable.

Check out the breeding of our filly
Apart from that, there is a wealth of information on the net to help you track down those long lost relations and organise the family reunions that you see every week on A Current Affair. Hunting down her relations means we can see how they performed and what they are up to now. Besides, we needed to do something to keep ourselves busy till she races and it just adds to the mystery / confusion of what she might be capable of.

The breeding page from the sales catalogue has all the information to get started. From there, it was just a matter of hitting one of the free Internet form services - Mark Read, Racing And Sports or the Australian Stud Book, to find the racing history of any horse you are interested in.

First off, the sire Perugino. Turns out he is a foreigner (American), who made one brief holiday visit down under back in 1996 and managed to pop out a good 50 or so off spring, which brings new meaning to the term 'holiday romance'. But his first and only Australian crop did very well - from there popped up champion Testa Rossa, the very talented Tickle My and the punter's enigma Sudurka (who knocked us out of the quaddie winning the Oakleigh Plate soon after). There are another 30 race winners in that lot, with only 9 runners not earning any prize money. The Winning Post has a list of all runners for the weekend by sire, which means you can keep an eye on how all the relations are going.

Recently Perugino returned to stand at Collingrove Stud permanently and Spring 2002 see his first crop of 2YO's hit the track - and there are a lot of them - around the 130 mark. He has been a busy boy yet again and they don’t call them "studs" for nothing.

The dam, Maybe An Angel, is a bit more elusive - it is always the sires that get all the limelight - but they are in and out and off again and it’s the poor old dam that needs to do all the hard work. Sometimes the sires just even do it by proxy. She is a Don't Say Halo mare, which is a well know bloodline, even for mug punters like us who don't follow the breeding scene. Her racing career was pretty brief - just the one win in a 1400M maiden down Tasmania way. Obviously, she liked the place so much she decided it would be a good place to settle and raise a family. She is a 3/4 relation to Blue Diamond winner Canonise, which means there is some ability in the family.

More important was finding out what our fillies 1/2 brothers and sisters were up to as this might give us a clue as to what our one might be capable off. Then again, Treasurer Peter Costello and Reverend Tim Costello ain't exactly peas in a pod, so breeding is not everything. She has 3 siblings, a colt called Just A Saint, and two sisters called Amesha and Ionacolumba. Just A Saint was a colt out of Jugah, and was trained by Hayes in Adelaide. He had just the one run for one win, over 1000M in Adelaide. Not really sure what happened after that, but maybe he just decided to keep his unbeaten record intact and retire gracefully. That’s the sanitised version anyway.

Amesha is still racing in Tasmania. She won over 1400M there in early Feb 2002, but is tending to mix her form a bit (OK, a lot - as a punter we would not be putting our hard earned on her). Her other sister, Ionacolumba is by Celtic Swing and had just the 2 starts in the Apple Isle, so is still learning what it is all about and managed a nice 2nd at her first start.

What does that all mean ? Absolutely nothing. Just waffle, rumour and innuendo to fill in the time till she gets to the track. Its all part of the mystery of the unknown.

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