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NSW TAB Account Fees 25/02/01

Here is a dangerous precedent…account keeping fees on Phone Betting Accounts.

According to the NSW Tab magazine "The Player", as of August 1, 2000 there is now a "Dormant Account Fee". Any account which has been inactive for 6 months or more will be debited $5 plus GST per month !!!

Which raises some points :

Does this mean that accounts can go into negative balance ??

Turf Deli will let you know soon as we do some in depth research, as there is at least a hefty 50 cents stashed away in the corporate accounts. Waiting to see if we are going to start accruing negative monthly totals and how far this will go. Will they take my house ?? No, you are right, we don’t have a house to give them, we are just trying to make a point.

How long before regular bank style account keeping fees start popping up on phone accounts ?

Not long is our crystal ball prediction. The great economic god of privatisation rolls on, and the TABs continue to close smaller outlets in favour of a grotty little notice board in the corner of a Pub TAB, place more restrictions on phone betting (see $3 Minimum Phone Bet), and cut back on on course staff (try finding an open tote window at the races these days, there are few and far between). The future is grim, as along with the banks, the TABs seem to be enter the "bigger, better, more profitable" spiral and cutting out services to their customers.

Hoofnote : Turf Deli checked his account balance - and the $3 was still safely invested. Actually, the NSW TAB internet betting site is really good - check it out !!

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