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Punter's Union 12/08/00

Following on from the articles ($3 Minimum Phone Bet, NSW TAB Account Fees), when are the TABs going to actually start giving some consideration to their customers ??. TABCORP are continually cutting costs in the following ways :

1) Closing smaller outlets

The perpetual push to the almighty PUBTAB. Seems like most weeks Turf Deli finds himself in some strange part of town, in desperate need to get on the good thing in the next, and heads down to where the little TAB used to be (you’ve always got to know where the nearest TAB is), only to find it is now offers Bric A Brac. So, instead you are forced into a smoky PUB TAB, where the TAB service consists of a few bits of paper hastily pinned onto a grotty notice board in a dark corner, below which are wads of beer soaked betting cards. Turf Deli leaped for joy when the TAB went smoke free in the early 90s, but its damm hard to get a some free bet on these days.

2) Placing restrictions on phone betting

3) Cutting back on on course staff.

Having been reared as a yearling as a Tote Operator Turf Deli was shocked when he last visited Caulfield at how few tote windows were open. Honestly, we would estimate that they have halved staff numbers since about 1995. It means that no matter where you go, no matter how many people are on course, no matter how long it is till the next race, you will be in a queue of 3-4 people to put a bet on. Most punters act on the spur of the moment, and not being able to run up and put a bet on, well, it's beyond disgraceful, surely it must be a breach of the constitution.

4) Chopping, changing, re-organising and increasing takes from bets.

Anyway, we here at Turf Deli think it's about time the mass of little punters out there had a voice. The TABs, race clubs, owners and trainers all get consulted over many areas of racing, so how about all the poor destitute souls who actually keep the betting pools turning over getting a say.

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