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$3 Minimum Phone Bet 01/07/00

The TAB is proud to announce that it has raised the minimum phone bet to $3, for any time of the day (previously you could place 50 cent bets up till 12.00). What an innovation...

Apparently this is going to free up the phone lines so we can get through instantly. We will believe it when we see it. This also removes the great challenge of trying to rebuild a measly phone account balance over a day. There was nothing like seeing how far you could make that last dollar stretch.

The TAB continues to challenge the banks and the health insurance companies in finding new and novel ways to be stingy and alienate those unnecessary annoying customers - mainly the elderly and the disabled.

Although it may not be as bleak as things seem :

Is the rule that you can’t place any bet under $3 value, or that you must place one bet over $3 in your betting portfolio ??? (if you can have a "share portfolio", we don’t see why you can’t have a "betting portfolio").

When we tried to spend the last $2 of the phone account after placing a $10 bet the response was :

"You may request a bet under $3 !!"..so you get to request it, then the operator tells you whether they are going to allow it or not ?? Most interesting….

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