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Stockmarket Vs Gambling 01/01/01

Let's take some time out to compare Investing on the stock market versus Gambling on the races.

Of course, you are investing when you spend money on shares. You are simply making an wise investment based on a assessment of future economic return from the company's previous performance. As opposed to gambling on the horses, where you frivolously throw away money on a horse based on your assessment of its future potential performance from its previous form. Spot the difference ?

Of course, the fallacy is that you need specialised knowledge to bet on horse racing, the inside word from trainer or jockey, and yet, it is the stock market where insider trading is a problem.

Making money on the stock market involves investing a large outlay for a small return over a long period of time, a low risk investment where the profits are taxable. Compared to gambling where for a small outlay you have the potential for large returns in a short period of time, and although it is high risk, the profits are tax free.

Convinced you yet ? In a famous competition in 1997 / 1998 the Sunday Age gave an imaginary $50,0000 to be invested by various share agencies, in gold bullion, and by their racing tipster 'Lucky Phil'. Over a period of a year the results were as followed :

Final Amounts

1. Lucky Phil - Punter: $98,848.50

2. Gold : $53,291.85

3. Peake Lands Kirwan Investment Firm : $52,279.54

4. Shares Magazine :$33,877.57

Not only did Lucky Phil punt himself into legend status, he absolutely thrashed the field. Note also, that of course the punting income is not taxable, but the share market profits are. There were initially 5 competitors, the other high profile share market advisor dropped out mysteriously mid way through the year when coming an embarrassing last and badly in the red (if any can remember the name of the firm please let us know).

So forget your share portfolios, grab a form guide, learn the bet types and start out on your betting portfolio today !

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