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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Weekend Hussler Tribute
Save Us Bart, Save Us 08/11/2008

As so, as it had been foretold, the day of reckoning did cometh. Invasion Day . The foreign invasion. The locals helpless and begging for mercy against the incoming tide.

Long feared, the source of the worse of childhood nightmares and talked about only in whispers. Dare not speak thy name, dare not even google thy name, for fear of what you might find.

From over the seas they came - English, Irish, French, Arab, forming a united front to seek and destroy.

Storming out of their barricaded Sandown fortress to pillage and maim, and to muck up our Cups Doubles, trifectas and First Fours. Scoundrels ! Barbarians ! Have you no shame ? No mercy ?

There was only one man who could stand up . An ancient man. A wise man. A man with funny eyebrows.

Some say older than time itself. Others say 80 years and 355 days, but they are just being picky.

His ancient methods and wisdom had made him the stuff of legend. The mere mention of his name means his horses start under the odds on the tote year after year.

One man against the rising forces of evil..

Arise Sir Bart, fair knight, and the crowds shall wave flags of your yellow with white checkerboard ensign.

Save us Sir Bart. Save us.

And  instead of one statue at Flemington there shall be a statue on every street corner. And every child will know thy name as the people’s champion - and not a yellow skateboarding cartoon kid.

And Save Us he did.

How much more of a tip can we give? 

VIEWED in the Cummings yellow with checkerboard ensign beats those dastardly internationals .

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