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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Sandown Classic 2002 Preview
Sandown Classic  2003 - Preview - In Quarantine 12/11/2003

Final week of the Spring Campaign and its off to Sunny Sandown. Poor old Sandown, whilst the rest of the Spring Carnival Party is raging with frocks, champagne and limousines, Sandown gets to be the quarantine facility - like the chicken pox ridden kid peering sadly through the window whilst all the other kids get to play on the jumping castle at the party.

Life begins to return to normal for the racing industry this week. The Hilton sisters have to return their frocks (priced tags still attached), retreat to the more familiar surrounds of their twin share at the Dingley International Motel and can be found back in their regular employment - mucking out stalls 51-100.

The other item of note from Cup week was how short Irish stayer Holy Orders started on the tote on Cup Day - ($16.80 compared to bookmakers odds of $31) simply due to the publicity of him refusing to break into a gallop in training. There seem to be so many misguided souls out there who thought that refusing to train was the perfect preparation for the toughest race going and made it worthy of a financial investment. Rather like your football team spending the two weeks leading up to the Grand Final on a drinking binge. And you wonder why the Nigerian Bank Account scam is still running successfully after all these years.

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