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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Sandown Classic 2002 Preview
Sandown Classic  2002 - Preview - The leftovers. 12/11/02



The poor Old Sandown Classic is hidden away and long forgotten at the end of the Spring Carnival.

When all the Cup Week festivities are over, the Sandown Classic is the nerdy teenager from the American coming of age movie trying oh-so-hard to have a cool party that no one is going to go to and just has no hope at all of competing with the wild times that the fraternity crew had.

The only horses still going around are the left overs from the main Spring races - which maybe is the way Racing Victoria should market this day - there is already Derby Day for the quality racing purists, Oaks Day for the ladies and Stakes Day for the families - Sandown Classic is definitely Left Overs Day.

They could flog off all the week old cucumber sandwiches from the corporate marquees at 1/2 price, re-heat any left over savouries and mini pizzas, and pool the dregs of any unfinished bottles of champers. Fashions on the field made only from off cuts from other outfits. Sounds like a sure fire hit sure to draw a crowd

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