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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Caulfield Cup 2003 Preview
Caulfield Cup  2003 - Preview - Racing Museum. 18/10/03

Caulfield also used to be home to the Racing Museum, but now Racing Victoria can now proudly boast its very own state of the art Racing Museum at Federation Square.

Forget about ancient civilisations and cultures or fine works of art, the Racing Museum out-cultures them all with its collection of rare artefacts from archaeological digs made through the rubbish pile after cup week.

Highlights of the new museum include :

The skeleton of the ferocious PHARLAP-OSARUS the ancestor of modern racehorses. His unique genetic make up remains an elusive mystery for evolutionary scientists who can offer no plausible explanation as to how he managed to win the 1930 Melbourne Cup whilst his heart was on display in a glass cabinet in Canberra. The ‘detachable heart’ theory remains controversial to this day.

The mummified remains of the very first dodgy hot dog bought during Melbourne Cup week in 1923 (which actually coincided with the mysterious disappearance of the 16th placegetter in the 1923 Caulfield Cup).

Follow the evolution of the punter from his ancient ancestors betting on woolly mammoths (barrier attendants really earned their money in those days), to the emergence of exotic betting in the glory days of the Roman empire ("I'll take a box trifecta on the I, VII & XIII with 10 cubits on Sparticus to win ").

The stunningly preserved remains of a desperate punter in the 24 hour a day video replay room who wandered in one day by accident and is still trying to get out on the last race all these years later.

The Museum's Department of Genealogy - a place where young horsies can go to study their family trees - "so my half brother is actually my uncle AND my grandfather ?!?!"

The Hall of Shame - a floor to ceiling mosaic containing pictures of all the punters who ever backed Tie The Knot to win in Melbourne.

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