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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Oaks Day
Oaks Day 2001 - Preview - Thin Black Ties 08/11/01

We got an enthusiastic response with Nostradamus's predictions for the Cox Plate, so for Oaks Day we are featuring some of the predictions of his lesser known cousin, Charlie (or Chuck to his friends). Whilst Nostradamus was busy prophesising about key catastrophic events in world history, Chuck was turning his talents towards predicting trends and fads, season by season, in the hustle bustle world of fashion. He chilling accurate predictions of flares and platform shoes are well known, but even he could not foresee the true horror of the thin black leather tie.

In Century 21, quatrain 5 (which eerily is the number of toes on my left foot), he predicts

Where female kind gather, on the day of the Oak,
Much feasting and depravity abounds,
Day becomes night, Brown becometh the new black,
But white stockings becometh no-one.

Our fashion hint for this year is that there will be a strong Royal Melbourne Show influence. Look for outfits taking inspiration from the yearly gimmicks at the Show - the tinsel hair, the green glowing tube necklaces, oversized novelty glasses and large rubber hands with one finger pointing upwards. Fake vomit, as always, is entirely optional. So if you look out of place in your designer outfit with feathered hat, you can't say we did not warn you..

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