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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Night Racing Night of Nights
Night Racing Night of Nights 25/09/2009

Grand Final Eve and it's time to kick off the Moonee Valley Night Racing Season with a bang. Or a whimper. ..

The razzle dazzle types who run racing these days had their idea to have a whizz bang fireworks display between Races Three and Four knocked on the head by a chorus of complaints from trainers, stewards and vets. Apparently highly strung racehorses, like most animals, get a wee bit worked up and distressed by loud noises and flashing lights and whistling sky rockets. Who would've known?

Plans to stage a Grand Final style, pre-game entertainment spectacular featuring classic Aussie big event performers such as the likes of Johnny Farnham were also shelved for similar reasons - far too distressing for the horses. Even more pain, discomfort and distress for the poor punters who might have to sit through it.

Fortunately, plans are still well under way to mark this meeting next year by launching the first horse into space.

Tonight also features the Superstar8 Jockey Challenge, where four overseas riders will compete against four local jockeys to see who can attract the least attention to their use of the whip. Punters will, of course, take a passionate interest as always in these sort of events. That is - to vigorously avoid any horse ridden by an overseas jockey unfamiliar with the golden rule of MV night racing – get to the lead at all costs. And get on before the TAB closes phone betting at 9pm.

The MVRC have missed a huge promotional coup leading into Grand Final weekend though. What about a cross code signing like that that made front page news in the AFL earlier this year?

Barry Hall looks ideal. Well known bad boy of the AFL, out of contract, looking to maybe resume a career with another club, or change sports into boxing. Imagine the press generated when a Magda style, trimmed down Barry signs up as a jockey ! Front page news. Saturation media coverage. Dare we even dream it – the cover of New Idea ?. Taking his bad boy image onto the racetrack, riding the top weight in each race, and side swiping other jockeys in various moments of brain fade. Dump those normal owner’s colours, dress him all in black with a black helmet and get ready for some real fireworks action.

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