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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Freebie Time

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Freebie Time

This week's newsletter is all about exciting free stuff.

For those of you who are of a certain vintage, we are talking free stuff that is as exciting, if not more exciting, then seeing the yellow writing inside your Sunny Boy wrapper at lunch time in the playground.

Unfortunately, they are still not handing out free racehorses that are qualified for the Melbourne Cup, which would be our best chance of ever having a runner on the first Tuesday in November. Either that, or marrying Lloyd Williams who always seems to have plenty of spare Cup runners floating about.

We will, however, continue to petition Racing Victoria to address this most pressing issue of free Melbourne Cup runners for the general public. There is nothing like the power of a Facebook page with a few hundred likes to have large organisations quivering at the knees in social media terror.


Free Entry and Family Entertainment - Underwood Stakes Day

The Melbourne Racing Club have made it free entry and family entertainment on Underwood Stakes Day.

Click through the link to see what is on offer. We have our inflatable horse all rearing to go for the inflatable horse track and are seriously hoping the roving clown balloonist is a clown made out of balloons, else we are going to be very, very disappointed.

Weather is looking great, racing is looking even better and your footy team is probably not in the finals so there is no excuse not to head down to Caulfield.

Plus the Underwood Stakes is looking to be one of the races of the spring with ATLANTIC JEWEL going for the perfect ten wins from ten starts - and up against Melbourne Cup favourite PUISSANCE DE LUNE.


Free Racing Replays

We got banned from the TVN Facebook page earlier in the year (naughty Turf Deli, naughty) for being a bit of a social media pest and politely asking questions on behalf of punters when they withdrew their free racing video archive on bigpond. Seemed a bit strange, especially after the main TVN talking heads had been harping on for years about how important it was to look after the punter.

You can read over the old Facebook posts on this issue here.

But looks like the decision is going to stay for the time being so we need to do the best with what we have.

You can still view the TVN feed online and watch the live races for free at www.racingnetwork.com.au. Click on Watch Now in the video box.

The racing replay archive still has a subscription fee if you want to do the video form for a meeting. However, they are currently offering a 28 day free trial of the replays - which will get you into the first few weeks of October at least and might come in handy for spotting some spring winners.

But get in quick as this offer ends Saturday 21/09/2013

And if you do happen to spot any winners - please let us know. We could do with some.


Free - No risk $200 ping with BETFAIR

This is your big chance to pick one at odds during the Spring Racing Carnival and try and land a sizeable bounty.

The strategy is pretty simple.

Plonk up to $200 on the nose at one at odds tomorrow, or sometime over the spring.

If it wins - you are laughing.

If not - no drama, you get your money refunded and just go back to your normal $5 each way betting.

Always read the Terms and Conditions on these offers - to make sure you make the most of them.

This offer is for new accounts only who join via this link .

It needs to be the first bet in your new account, and it needs to be a single bet up to $200 so you need to find a price on offer where you can bet the whole amount in one go, else use the Betfair Starting Price option.

So maybe join up, wait to till you see something you like at odds and just go for it. Great if you are a small punter and always dreamed of having a serious bash at one at odds.

Using a similar offer a few years ago several small punters on our mailing list had substantial four figure collects with $200 win bets on roughie PINKER PINKER in 2011 Cox Plate. It is a great chance to have a big collect without any risk involved.

The only issue with Betfair was having to invest a bit of time to wait for the best price to come up on the betting exchange. However, this spring they are offering Best of Five - that is - best of the three TABs, the Starting Price and the Betfair Starting Price.

Which is really an excellent offer - and means you can just place bets in the morning, get close to the best odds on offer and enjoy your day at the races.

Click here to open a BETFAIR account and take advantage of this offer.


Free Turf Deli

Hang on - that's us ! No, no we are not behind bars for dubious tipping services - yet.

Missed a previous newsletter? Spend a productive Friday afternoon at work browsing through years and years of old content and cheap laughs in our newsletter archive.

We are actually amazed when we look back at how much totally excellent stuff there is in there. You can also revisit 15 years worth of feature race days in our Form Guide Archive.

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