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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Flemington Season Pass

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Get Thee To Flemington

At the unprecedented risk of actually providing something vaguely resembling useful factual information in our weekly newsletter, there are now some new ticketing packages available for Flemington which we feel are worth checking out.

This year, Flemington have introduced a Flemington Season Pass which seriously looks damn good value.

For $200, you can go to all of the Flemington meetings for the year - including the whole of Cup Week.

That's right - every home game at Flemington for $200.

Live. In 3D reality. Right in front of you. With real horses. On a real racetrack. With real grass - kid you not.

We realise that they still have such a long way to go to compete with the hypnotic drone of the Trackside virtual reality racing game - but they are trying their best. Really they are.

Tickets to Derby Day or Melbourne Cup are a tidy $75 just on their own, so if you plan to go during Cup Week you will quickly cover the cost of the yearly pass. Plus you are free to frolic on the empty lawns in glorious sunshine during the much under-rated Autumn carnival.

The VRC have also announced that children under the age of 16 get in for free during Cup Week.

Just think - if you take along your toddler this year, and continue every year until they turn 16 - you can ensure they have the basic grounding required to make it to fifty Cups in row and feature in a quirky news story in 2062.

Just think of the children. Think of their future.

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