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Shonky Tips R Us

We are hearing what the Turf Deli subscribers are saying. Love the service Ė they say Ė but itís just not shonky enough. More shonky tips please. We want to see more shonk. The stream of emails coming in requesting increases in the shonky factor are endless.

Any self respecting tipping service needs to bombard its clients with gimmicky pot-of-gold, lock-of-the-week, sure-fire, bet-of-the-century type bets.

So we are proud to introduce the Turf Deli Fat Finger Bet of The Week.

Sure we have heard about Fat Finger errors in the stock market world, when someone mistakenly makes a typo like making a number a billion instead of a million. . We make the same mistake all the time when dialling out for pizza. You do have to feel sorry for the poor pizza delivery guy, but never seen one driving a semi trailer before.

But we were thinking - Why should those stock market types have all the mis-keying fun?

So from this week on, you will find the Turf Deli Fat Finger Bet Of the Week contained in the weekly newsletter, where we will place an imaginary exorbitant amount of money on a sure fire good thing. Of course, in reality, on the race track the good thing normally only exists in hindsight, but itís only pretend money so we are bound to make it big. Itís only when you put real money on these things that disaster strikes.

Whilst all those politicians are busting their guts trying to get the Australian budget back in surplus by 2012 Ė we hope to do it by the end of the spring.

If you are in a trusted position managing funds, why not just borrow a few hundred thousand for the weekend and have a play? * Return it on the Monday, no one will be the wiser, and pocket the profits. What is the worse that could happen? Itís white collar crime, so if you get caught itís just going to be a 6 month weekend detention on a low security golf course somewhere.

* Disclaimer : We do not condone embezzling funds **
** However, if you decide to ignore our disclaimer our commission rate is 10%.

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