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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Election Sausage

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Election Sausage

In 1901, the Commonwealth of Australia was formed and the constitution was written giving all Australians the right to vote for their national leaders - and the democratic right to enjoy delicious, cheap, polling booth sausage sizzles whilst voting.

That federation was established forty years after the first Melbourne Cup just goes to show that our esteemed ancestors had their priorities in the right order.

The 2013 election is pretty much over before it begins, with the Coalition looking like they are going to start shorter odds than BLACK CAVIAR in a Manangatang maiden.

We have had a detailed, analytical look at the form of the main runners.

Whilst ATLANTIC JEWEL stunned race goers last week with a mesmerizing comeback, Kevin Rudd's comeback lasted about 50M before he started swishing his tail, and his hair, and he soon pulled up extremely lame.

Meanwhile, his opponent, Tony Abbott prances the track like an over eager prize show-off stallion, trying to win the Caulfield Cup-Cox Plate-Melbourne Cup treble whilst carrying topweight, and dragging several tyres behind him.

The campaign has been dominated by calls for costings and budget analyses and we can confirm that there is indeed a $30 billion dollar black hole in the Turf Deli Betting Portfolio.

However, we are committed to returning the Betting Portfolio to surplus.

We have the vision, the right team to get the job done, lots and lots and lots of slogans, and a plan for the future - which mainly involves plonking on the good thing in the last to try and get out.

After weeks of wall to wall Tony and Kevin, punters are begging for a Tom Waterhouse return to our screens, and the Get Tom Waterhouse Back on our TV party has a real chance of picking up seats in the Senate on Saturday. Luckily the AEC have introduced flexi voting this year, meaning you can split your vote into wee tiny percentages when you vote below the line amongst the 100 or so senate candidates.

The latest election odds see the Coalition at an unbackable $1.03 and Labor out to $20 or more. As always the election betting markets are the best guide to the result, which makes you wonder why we even bother voting. Just pick the favourite when the betting closes. If it is good enough for the quadrella substitute then it is good enough to pick the next Prime Minister.

There is fierce betting in the hotly contested informal voting percentage market. What excitement. 1% ? 2% ? Who knows - someone may even place a bet soon.

What we would like to see is a market on is the number of election day polling booth sausages 'n' bread consumed.
Percentages with onion and cheese - and without.

Will voters stick with the traditional sangas - or will there be substantial swings towards progressive bratwursts? That's where the real betting action lies

Glance back in the history books to the last federal election:

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