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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Election Form Guide

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Election Form Guide 

Apparently the major event in Australia this weekend isn’t the Australasian Flooring Plate over 1000M at Moonee Valley. It's not even some sort of culinary popularity competition. Instead something they call the “Federal Election” ?

What’s that all about? 

Prepare to be edumacated.

We tend to tune out come election time. Needless to say we always vote donkey (hands up who couldn’t see that gag coming ?). Sit down Mark Latham, it was a rhetorical question and stop being an attention seeker.

Those coloured forms, tick boxes and numbering preferences in the Senate are too far complicated to comprehend compared to filling out a run of the mill flexi roving banker first four.

Maybe we are just jaded with the poor choices on offer. It is disappointing that neither party wants to tackle the big three issues of imminent peril of climate change, the crumbling public health care system, and the most complex and controversial of all – the substitute system in the quadrella.

Which does beg the question. Why are there no celebrities in the tally room on election night? How about adding some glamour to the event ? Marquees. International guests. Mindless interviews with the stars of Home and Away asking for their tips in the Seat of Eden Monaro .

Thankfully we can now bet on elections, which makes it infinitely more interesting.

As most punters know, if an event looks a two horse race you want to watch out for some long shot surprise winner out of nowhere.

Unfortunately, those punters hoping for the Dandy Andy Party to come barnstorming over the top at long odds to cause a boilover are going to be severely disappointed (kiddies, ask Aunty Google about the 1988 Australian Cup).


Watching the election betting markets over the last few weeks has been fascinating.

The Coalition started the campaign as rank outsiders, at around the $5 mark. Even the most diehard Labor supporter would have to say that they have totally muffed what on paper looked an unlosable election. We eagerly await the stewards inquiry. Labor support crumbled, the Coalition continued to firm, and got as short as $2.30 two weekends ago and looked headed to take favouritism. Then Labor staged a Vo Rogue-style comeback, and the Coalition odds started to wobble and drift again.

Despite the polls and the media saying it’s a neck and neck contest, and that Labor are in a wee bit of strife, Labor has remained favourite with the bookmakers. In fact,  Labor are currently firm favourites in betting markets.  So who is right ? Absolutely no idea - too busy doing the Moonee Valley form. Many believe that the betting odds are actually a more accurate predictor of the result than the polls. Others actually believe the total guff that comes out of punter's mouths when they are trying to sprout tips.


has betting on individual seats, as well as live betting during the run on election night. It is going to be interesting to watch the betting market as the results start to come in. Fire up the laptop and settle down for a evening with Kerry and the crew.

Check out the Federal Election betting markets.


Sit back and enjoy election night with a range of the following exotic bets:

- Time it takes for Antony’s Green computer to crash
(hot tip: get on a crash in the first half hour at $1.20)

- Which channel will have the fanciest graphics or contraption to make the number of seats look interesting ?
(best roughie: kinda hoping for a pendulum swinging between numerous Mr Rabbits and giant Julia ear lobes)

- Number of times the phrase “It’s On A Knife Edge” will get thrown around, mainly to try and attract the Master Chef crowd who think some spontaneous baking might occur.
(tip: 10,000 plus is looking good thing).

- Time it will take former PM Bob Hawke to drop a horse racing or gambling reference into any commentary
(good thing : less than 1 minute at $1.01. How we yearn for the days of having a Punting Prime Minister.)

Plus betting on all the key head to head battles:

- Gillard vs Abbott for Prime Minister.

- Gillard vs Abbott over a short course triathlon trip.

- Gillard vs Abbott in a 3 day energy drink fuelled rave dance off.

- Gillard vs Rudd : Number of Glowering looks at each other
(take Rudd at plus 10 glowering looks in)
- Latham vs Oakes in a No Way Out wrestling match as alter egos Captain Bile vs Mr Canberra.

- The People Smugglers vs The Budgie Smugglers in a Smuggle Off

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