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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Dr No

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Dr ? No.

Seeing there is some space to fill at the end of another long Cup week we would just like to clear up a rumour that has been going around for a few years.

Turf Deli has no association whatsoever with the legendary Dr Turf.

In fact, we have never even met the guy. We doubt he has even ever looked at the website. Realistically, he is a much better tipster than us. And we are much better looking.

Every year for about the last ten years we regularly get emails during our Spring Campaigns asking if Dr Turf is behind this website.

Nup. Not true. Sorry.

Whilst there is no denying that we were raised on a sound punting education from Dr Turf's Punter to Punter on community radio RRR in the early days, we doubt the good doctor even knows of our existence.

The confusion probably arises as not many people do the satirical angle to horse racing, which is a shame. Punters need a keen sense of humour to get them through the cruel twists of fate that the punt serves up to them. Dr Turf is also one of the few media commentators around who seems to have an independent voice, and is not just a mouth piece for the racing industry or racing clubs. We also tend to be quite outspoken about issues affecting punters who time and time again seem to be barely acknowledged as a customer group and vital participants in the racing industry.

Anyway, just wanted to clear that up.

Apologies to anyone who thought they were following a top secret anonymous website of a well known media commentator. Rather, it is just people who like having a punt and taking the piss in general.

Unless it is Alan Jones in disguise ? The plot thickens...

Remember to stick around the extra week for the Sandown Classic next week, which is actually always a good betting day.

If you have missed any of our previous newsletters there is over ten years worth of content on the website. _____________________________________________________________________________________

No risk $200 ping with BETFAIR

Stakes Day has been a wipe out for punters quite a few times recently with lots of long shot winners

This is your big chance to pick one at odds on Stakes Day and try and land a sizeable bounty.

The strategy is pretty simple.

Plonk up to $200 on the nose at one at odds tomorrow, or sometime over Cup Week.

If it wins - you are laughing.

If not - no drama, you get your money back and go back to your normal betting.

Always read the Terms and Conditions on these offers - to make sure you make the most of them.

This offer is for new accounts only who join via this link .

It needs to be the first bet in your new account, and it needs to be a single bet up to $200 so you need to find a price on offer where you can bet the whole amount in one go, else use the Betfair Starting Price option.

So maybe join up, wait to till you see something you like and just go for it. Great if you are a small punter and always dreamed of having a serious bash at one at odds.

Using a similar offer last year several small punters on our mailing list had substantial four figure collects with $200 win bets on roughie PINKER PINKER in last year's Cox Plate. It is a great chance to have a big collect without any risk involved.

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