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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Oaks Day 2002 Preview
Derby Day  2004 - Preview - Equine Extreme Makeovers 30/10/2004

Finally, that time of year is upon us. After months of preparation, anticipation, highs and lows, blood, sweat and tears and lots and lots of black "X" marks on the calender, the week of reckoning is upon us - yes, the long wait is over - Carson from Queer Eye For the Straight Guy is in town.

Oh yeah, there is some sort of horse racing thingy going on as well.

Forget the fact that you can attract 400,000 people over a week to fork out a small fortune in entrance fees, or attract people from all over the globe, or break record attendances figures every year. Cup week is just not a success until it has been validated as such by a visiting overseas celebrity in the most important contest of all - the Fashions on the Field.

This year those venturing to racing headquarters will notice the immediate impact Carson has had - with his trademark makeovers applied to all runners on the day.

The whinnying you will hear from the stables is the horses crying out as they wax to remove their unsightly and unwanted body hair (and don't even mention the nostril hairs - youch !). Instead of diving head first into those rough and ready bags of feed, a fine selection of oats, wheat, chaff and assorted gourmet grains will be available on a fashionable and sleek lazy susan. Those old clunky horse shoes (they just scream Middle Ages don't they?) will be replaced with comfortable, fashionable brown suede loafers. Yes, that brown leather saddle is very butch, but how about going for a more casual appearance with a nice brightly coloured wool knit casually flung over the neck area ? Add just enough product to style the hair and tail and a bit of moisturiser between those scaly flaky hoofs and da da - now you look like a real stallion - Grrrr.

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