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Corporate Bookmakers - Free To Roam Wild 08/11/2008

Those of you who turn straight to the form guide in the morning papers will have noticed a definite change over the last couple of weeks.

After decades of living in the wild, the NT corporate bookmakers are now free to advertise in other more civilised states.

The competition is fierce, as it is in nature - its survival of the fittest. Though, instead of being who can run fastest, jump highest or bully the best, survival in the bookmaking world is based on who can flog the most in freebies and special offers.

So when you open up your morning paper, and they all come scuttling out and run around the floor, and yank at your trouser leg, with special this and bonus that, you might as well milk them for all its worth. Its the way nature intended it.

IASBET are taking out huge ads in all the papers, even cleverly advertising in the business section to grab disillusioned investors. Their standard offer is a $100 free you know what. However we lined up a $150 offer before they got their freedom. But the offer ends 10th November.

If you are setting up a Cup Week betting bank, you can seriously stretch your betting dollar a lot further by taking up the freebies and bonuses that are on offer. Read the fine print on the Terms and Conditions and maximise your punting dollar plan your week, work out how much you want to spend and start out a winner before you even begin.

Our offer ends 10th November 2009. The magic code word to use is SPRINGTD150. Pass it around, might as well make the most of it.

Click here for more details on this and other offers


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