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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - Caulfield Guineas 200 Preview
Caulfield Guineas  2000 - Preview -Fighting For Scraps 14/10/00

Welcome to Week One of the Spring 2000 Turf Deli punting odyssey.

We have been overwhelmed with new subscribers and are proud to announce we have just signed up subscriber number 150, who will receive a free upgrade to large fries with their next burger purchase, and a scenic little silver scooter tour of inner Melbourne, courtesy of Scootin’ Good Times (must be redeemed during school holidays). Such are the perks of the punt.

So we extend a warm welcome to our new members. Those of you who don't know each other, it’s easy to recognise a fellow Turf Deli member. They'll be the ones with that desperate glint in their eye desperately fighting you for those last food scraps in the Dump Master behind Coles, or shouting obscenities randomly at strangers in public whilst waving a celebratory bottle of wine gift wrapped in plain brown paper. Once again, such are the perks of the punt.

From walking the track before the meeting, to being up at the crack of dawn to watch track work, to studying the videos for all runners, to looking out the window to decide whether to take an umbrella or not and to picking numbers with a pin and blindfold, Turf Deli does the ground work required to have a successful day on the punt. He can be seen prowling the betting ring in his finest 70's suit and Pork Pie hat shopping for that value bet. The Turf Deli methods are scientifically proven by independent toothpaste and washing detergent laboratories, whilst still providing endless research opportunities for social anthropologists world wide.

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