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Turf Deli Spring Racing Carnival - On The Lawn
Caulfield Cup 2000 - Preview - The Dream 21/10/00

Turf Deli had one of those ‘AMP’ experiences last week.

Sick in bed, delirious with spring fever, a distinguished, well spoken man suddenly appeared by his bedside.

“Who are you ?“ Turf Deli pondered through a wall of sweat, “ The Ghost of Spring Carnivals Past ??”

“ No, I’m you, just 20 years older” he replied in an annoying, patronising, you are about to get boring financial advice sort of voice.

“ Hmmm…thought I recognised the shirt - you really do need to get yourself a new wardrobe…And you still have not managed to get that beetroot stain out” Turf Deli failed to see the irony of scoring points off himself.

Unfazed by the challenges to his sartorial style the visitor proceeded

“ See this grandiose racecourse” he said, gesturing out the window to sunny Caulfield, “ the rolling green lawns, the meticulously paved walkways… the dreams of the turf, the aura of betting glories past…one day..one day…

“..it will all be mine ??” Turf Deli fell for the sucker line..

“Nah, but you WILL get to run a donut van out the front”

“Good to see you are still a funny bastard.. Now give us the Cup trifecta and rack off - baldy”. There is no getting over the generation gap.

“The Cup Trifecta is 6 - Diatribe, from 12 - Ken’s Joy and 2 - Fairway……… Just don’t go telling everyone, or it will pay nothing “ Oops..Too late.

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