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Betting Guide 01/10/01

The Betting Guide is here, to de-mystify how to bet, what the bet types are, how to win, how to lose, and what song to sing as you go on your way.

NOTE : If you don’t sing the theme song whilst betting the tote operator is well within their rights to refuse your bet.

When betting, speak in terms of money, not units. The minimum bet is 50 cents, and all the approximates and results displayed on screens and in the newspapers are for a $1 dividend, so you may need to do some mental arithmetic to work out what is owing to you.


How To Collect:
Simple. If your horse wins - you win. If it doesn’t, you don’t

How to Bet: Simply say "I’ll have a dollar to win on Race 6, No 3"

How to Lose: Your horse runs 2nd, bobbed out, in a photo finish.

How To Use Turf Deli’s Tips: Don’t be scared to back more than one horse to win in a race, especially if they are at good odds. It is preferable to back several horses to win and go for high return, rather than resorting to place bets. You can still back all three tips in a race and make a profit.

Song to sing whilst betting :

"No second Prize " by Jimmy Barnes

"The Winner Takes It All" by ABBA

"Playing to Win" by Little River Band.


How To Collect: There are 3 place dividends in each race, for the first 3 across the line. If there are less than 8 runners then place dividends are only paid on the first two.

How to Bet: Simply say "I’ll have a dollar to place on Race 4, No 12"

How to Lose: Your horse, at good odds, leads into the straight, and kicks clear... You start cheering wildly... In response, your horse then stops like a stone weight over the last 50M to finish 4th.

How To Use Turf Deli’s Tips: Its only worth backing the place is something is at really good odds, say more than $4.00 to place. Don’t go up to a bookmaker and ask for a $1 the place on the short priced favourite - it is a legitimate case for homicide in most states.

Song to sing whilst betting:

"Everyone’s a Winner" by Hot Chocolate.


How To Collect: The first two across the line, in any order (any order is called boxed).

How to Bet: Simply say "I’ll have a quinella on Race 4, numbers 2 and 10".

How to Lose: One horse wins, the other runs 3rd. Or if you box several horses in a quinella and you do win, you bang your head when you realise the same horses have run the trifecta at good odds as well.

How To Use Turf Deli’s Tips: Box up the 3 selections in your quinella, add in some of your own. Box quinellas are a nice safe way to bet, with high likelihood of a return, and the potential for a big collect. 3 horses boxed cost $1.50, 4 horses boxed cost $3 and 5 horses boxed cost $5.

Song to sing whilst betting:

"It Takes Two " by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston (..It Takes Two Babbbeeeee…Just me and you..)


How To Collect: The first three across the line, straight out or in any order (any order is called boxed).

How to Bet: Simply say "I’ll have a box trifecta on Race 2, numbers 4,7 and 10", or "I’ll have a straight trifecta 10-2-1". Multiple trifectas are the way to go for those who are brave enough, in these bets you can take say 2 horses to win, 3 horses to run 2nd and 4 horses to run 3rd (e.g. - I’ll have a multiple trifecta 1,2 to win, 1,2,3 to run 2nd and 1,2,3,8 to run third). Straight trifectas are nigh on impossible so don’t bother. Box trifectas are a good way to get a value collect, but you usually need to box more than 3 (4 horses costs $12, 5 horses cost $30).

How to Lose: Usually with a box trifecta, you get 1st, 2nd and …4th

How To Use Turf Deli’s Tips: Box up the 3 tips in a trifecta, or throw in some of your own (but not too many - it gets costly).

Song to sing whilst betting:

"One, Two, Three time a Lady " - Lionel Ritchie, the lord of punting songs.


How To Collect: The winner of two races in a row.

How to Bet: I’ll have a running double on race 4, numbers 2,3,4 into numbers 8,9,10 (these are your numbers in race 5). A great value bet as you can easily win hundreds without doing much

How to Lose: You don’t..You always win !!! (well just about always)

How To Use Turf Deli’s Tips: Take the 3 tips on two consecutive races and make a running double out of them (3 horses in each race for a dollar will set up back $9). Throw one of your own in at good odds.

Song to sing whilst betting:

For no particular reason " To all the Girls I've Loved Before " Julio and Willie sing of previous successes on the track.


How To Collect: The winner of the four races deemed to be the quaddie races (usually races 4,5,6,7)

How to Bet: Read out the horses you want in each leg (a leg is a race) of the quaddie (e.g. 1st leg 2,5, 2nd leg 3,4, , 3rd leg 8 and 10, and last leg 1 and 11). Calculate costs by multiplying the number of horses you want to take in each race and divide by two (for a 50 cent unit). Quaddies are great value and its amazing how easily you can turn a small bet into thousands. The trick in the quaddie is to stay alive from one leg to the next. The longer priced winners that come up - the better your potential dividend can be.

How to Lose: Lots of ways to loose in a quaddie. There are several unwritten rules. The more horses you take in any particular leg, the more money you spend, the shorter priced the winning horse will be. Else you will get knocked out in a leg when the favourite wins, and the quaddie still pays thousands.

How To Use Turf Deli’s Tips: Pick two of the three tips in each race for a $8 outlay (2x2x2x2). Or throw some of your own in for a cheap thrill.

Song to sing whilst betting:

"Staying Alive" by the Bee Gees who write this song after being knocked out in the last leg of the quaddie one winter's afternoon at Flemington.


How To Collect: The winner of the six races deemed to be the Straight Six races (usually races 3,4,5,6,7,8)

How to Bet: Same as the quaddie, you chose one or more horse in each race. Beware, straight sixes do get very expensive very quickly via the laws of mathematics.

How to Lose: In the straight six, usually the more money you spend, the more likely you get knocked out in the 1st leg. They are damm well near impossible, and only for big betting syndicates that can cover lots of combinations.

How To Use Turf Deli’s Tips: Throw them out the window, and take your phone number. Its got a much better chance.

Song to sing whilst betting:

"Dreamer " by Super Tramp….(Dreamer….nothing but a dreamer…)

** Unfortunately the Straight Six is no longer with us, having been put out of its misery after breaking down badly. **


How To Collect: All up betting means you can take an ordinary win or place bet and have the proceeds go onto another horse, and if it wins, onto another horse, and so on. If you can get a roll happening, you only need 3 or 4 horses to set yourself up for big dividends.

How to Bet: Pick one or more horses to win or place in one race, and do the same for another 2 or 3 races. Costs multiply the same as a quaddie. The easiest way is to pick two outsiders to place in 3 different races (say All UP Place Race 3, 18,19, into Place Race 4 12,14 into Place R8 Numbers 1 and 2 which would cost $8 for a dollar).

How to Lose: Pick your races and horses carefully - you can’t change them once they are on the ticket.

How To Use Turf Deli’s Tips: Pick 2 horses in any 3 races and taken them in an all up bet.

Song to sing whilst betting:

The Ham Bone Song (the leg bone’s connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s connected to the neck bone…etc )(yeah , the anatomy is a bit off).

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