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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Turnbull Stakes Newsletter 2015

Turf Deli Free Form Guide

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Moir Stakes 2015 (Friday)

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Turnbull Stakes 2015 (Sunday)

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Caulfield Cup - Cox Plate - Melbourne Cup

Turf Deli Racing News

Moir Stakes - Public Holiday!

The progressive Labour government in Victoria knows exactly what the people want - and that is more public holidays.

Forget the crumbling hospital system, over crowded public transport and increasing unemployment.

Start thinking about the whole day off to go to a parade.
Now that is what the people are crying out for.

This Friday is the newly announced Moir Stakes Public Holiday in Victoria.

Obviously it can't be a public holiday for the AFL Grand Final, because that is on the Saturday, and the public holiday can only refer to an event that occurs on that actual day.

So the Moir Stakes Public Holiday it is!

How are you going to celebrate?

A full day to study the form being heading out to the Moonee Valley night races? Just imagine not having to negotiate the cross town traffic! Brilliant!


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Last Week's Results

Frustratingly Close

The tips continued to go along OK last week at Caulfield, but they were frustratingly close to becoming Most Excellent.

We kicked off with the Best Each Way bet, Race 1: 9-JAPHILS 2nd W=$8.20, getting extremely well backed and kicking and leading as we had hoped - to only just get bobbed out on the line. Onto the next race where we pulled a roughie out of nowhere as our top pick, 5-GLORYLAND 2nd W=$30.60, who led, got headed by one that went early, had to make another run, and still only just got beaten. The racing was a bit chaotic in the first few races, it did appear that someone had declared it to be National Let's Go Early Before The Home Turn Day.

Our feature race previews were pretty close to the mark again, finding the trifecta in the Underwood Stakes and issuing a warning that old favourite 5-MOURINHO 1st W=$19.60 was likely to bounce back this week.

From 9 races, there was only the one winner on top and four winners overall in the selections.

Race 3: 9-SABATINI 1st W=$5.30 - top pick
Race 4: 7-MISS GUNPOWDER 1st W=$3.90
Race 7: 5-MOURINHO 1st W=$19.60, Quin=$31.00, Tri=$233.40
Race 9: 3-KENJORWOOD 1st W=$8.60

The Betting Portfolio only got a little bit back with our Best Rough. The two win bets went down by a short head or less. Ouch. We are starting to sink into the red a bit here, but still no dreaded wipe outs (so far).

BEST ROUGH: Race 2: 5-GLORYLAND 2nd W=$30.60, P=$5.50

2015 Spring Campaign: 7 weeks - 2 profits - 5 returns - 0 wipe out. Net: $-64.85

Keep an eye out on the Sportsbet Power Prices on a Saturday morning, especially on long shots who often get out to very juicy odds.

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View last week's Rupert Clarke Stakes 2015 results.

See how the tips and Betting Portfolio are going at the Bottom Line.

Check out the horses to follow this spring in our Black Book. Updated 01/10/2015

This Week's Free Form Guide

Moonee Valley - Moir Stakes - 2nd Oct 2015


Follow the link for this week's form guide: Moir Stakes 2015

Note - this race meeting is on Friday night and you have the whole day off. DO NOT go to work. Repeat. DO NOT go to work.

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This Week's Free Form Guide

Flemington - Turnbull Stakes - 4th Oct 2015


Follow the link for this week's form guide:
Turnbull Stakes 2015

Note - this race meeting is on Sunday and daylight savings commences Saturday night.

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If Turf Deli is blocked at your work, you can receive this week's form guide in a text email, via auto response by sending an email to text@turfdeli.com.au once you receive this email.

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This week the NASA space exploration program made a startling discovery on the red planet Mars.

No, not water. That's there obviously - without a water cooler there would be nothing for Martians to stand around when having work place conversations.

No, not alien life forms. They all moved to Earth long ago and started up popular Instagram accounts.

Astonishingly, they found a computer system capable of handling more than 24 runners in a race and could therefore cope with emergencies in the Melbourne Cup!

"We were blown away", said a NASA spokesman "It was totally unexpected. We knew alien life might be more intelligent than us, but this was beyond our wildest expectations".


This spring features a new and exciting form of horse racing - Synchronised Horse Racing.

Inspired by synchronised swimming it is taking the racing world by storm.

- Squint at the photo finish and try and see how many pixels are separating each runner.

- Hear the race caller gasp and give up as they hit the line as one.

- Count how many times the commentators use the term "Bob of the Head".

So far in the three Group One races at Caulfield this spring:

- Memsie Stakes the margins were a short head and a nose

- Underwood Stakes the margins were a short head and a nose

- Rupert Clarke Stakes the margins were a nose and 1/2 head

Hopefully, come Melbourne Cup day the routine will be perfected and we will be treated to the spectacle of 24 horses hitting the line in beautiful symmetrical unison to a delightful musical accompaniment.

Photos: www.racing.com


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