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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Underwood Stakes Newsletter 2014

Turf Deli Free Form Guide

Print out this week's free form guide for the
Underwood Stakes 2014.

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Turf Deli Racing News

Jeff vs Jeff - The Match Race

Former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett is well known for his out spoken stance on many issues and he often grabs media headlines for his views on football, politics and various assorted baked goods. Though we need to take time out from our usual cynical and satirical coverage to genuinely acknowledge his important work with raising awareness of depression and issues surrounding mental health in the community.

It came as no surprise then, when last month he appeared swinging at a Racing Victoria function taking a swipe at the Damien Oliver betting ban, the freshness of the breakfast muffins, corporate bookmakers, the quality of the scones, and the loud mouthed buffoon Victorian Premier in 1994 who privatised the TAB.

Which broke new ground even for Jeff, instead of arguing with others, he took the fight up a notch and began an passionate, heated, argument - with his historical self.

Just imagine if the corporate bookmakers were around when Jeff Kennett lost the 1999 Victorian election, which was considered "unlosable". They would have paid out pre election on a sure thing, lost big time, had to pay out again on the real winning bets, and been left with nothing but stale crumbs to eat.

The latest Jeff outburst does set up the exciting prospect of a privatised TAB sponsored match race (see Racing Archive at bottom of this newsletter), between 1990s Jeff and 2010s Jeff Kennett. A head to head contest, buffoon hairstyle to closely shaved hairstyle, conservative blazer to Hawthorn blazer, armed with French breadsticks of various freshness, and may the most outspoken man win.

Whatever you think of the corporate bookmakers they are now here to stay.

For punters it means there are new opportunities to make sure we make the most of every single flexi fraction of a cent we spend gambling.

We guess you can look at it two ways:
- if corporate bookmakers are a good thing, then you will take the opportunity to bet with them and enjoy the additional bonuses and better odds on offer


- if you think corporate bookmakers are a bad thing, then surely, surely, you will want to open up an account, and milk them for every dollar you can, unleashing a powerful display of punting vengeance and banishing them back to the wastelands of the Northern Territory.

Can you feel a lame excuse for a punting promotion coming on? We certainly can.


Pounce Into Spring

With Spring Carnival upon us, you are definitely missing out as a punter if you don't shop around and take advantage of whatever deals are on offer to milk the corporate cash cow and make the most of your punting dollar.

Our previous long standing association has been with IASBET, who have now merged with Sportsbet, and if you had an IAS account previously it will be converted over.

We have arranged for a additional offer for new Sportsbet accounts for Turf Deli subscribers until next week to kick start spring punting season.

Matching the value of your first bet up to $250
This is a great little insurance policy if you are planning to have a solid bet on something in the next month. Open up an account, wait for your good thing, place the bet, and if it doesn't win then you get a second chance with another bet of the same value to use as you wish. Even if you are just a small time punter, you can reward yourself with a $10 or $20 freebie. And nothing is more fun than betting with other people's money, just ask the financial advisors at the Commonwealth Bank.

Even if you are in one of the states that are exempt from this offer, opening a Sportsbet account gives you greater betting flexibility, better odds and additional money back offers such as:

Top Tote Plus
The best price out of the three TABs and the Starting Price meaning you are always going to get better odds. And even if you are a small punter that is definitely worth your while

Weekly special offers and money back freebies
Every week there is a money back special in one of the feature races, meaning you can place your bets in a way to make the most of these. Use the various offers across companies to give you some back up on your investments on those rare, unprecedented occasions you don't pick the winner. This week there is an awesome offer of Money Back if your horse runs 2nd or 3rd in the Underwood Stakes.

Doubles and Multiple
One thing we really like about the corporates is being able to easily put on doubles and multiples for win, place and each way across multiple races at fixed odds and get the buzz out of seeing how much fun you can have with the rules of multiplication. School mathematics seems so much more fun and practical in hindsight.

Click here to open a Sportsbet account.

One week only. Offer closes 27/09/2014. Terms and Conditions apply.

Last Week's Results

Down The Outside

It was a lovely sunny day and fantastic racing at Flemington last week. Even better, you didn't even have to waste time studying the form guide, all you had to do was just box up the outside barriers in the straight races and start counting your cash.

Unfortunately, we were holding our crystal ball upside down (again), and thought they would be winning closer to the rails. We really have to remember to take that crystal ball in for a service.

We still managed three winners on top which was OK, and the Best Bet of the Day saluted meaning we got back most of our money in the Betting Portfolio.

Race 1: 3-AFLEET ESPRIT 1st W=$9.70
Race 5: 1-COMMANDING JEWEL 1st W=$2.60
Race 7: 9-DISSIDENT 1st W=$2.70

BEST BET : Race 5: 1-COMMANDING JEWEL 1st W=$2.60

The Betting Portfolio made a small loss, and the Turf Deli Wonder Bet went boldly into the wild jungles of the First Four, correctly identiifed three of the four horses in the finish - and still didn't collect.

We are still showing a nice profit five weeks into spring, but it is far too early to start kicking the ball backwards and betting conservatively.

2014 Spring Campaign: 5 weeks - 3 profits - 2 returns - 0 wipe outs. Net: +$74.20

View last week's Makybe Diva Stakes 2014 results.

Check our list of Horses To Follow

See how the Betting Portfolio is going at the Bottom Line.

This Week's Free Form Guide

Caulfield - Underwood Stakes - 20th Sept 2014


Free entry this week and family entertainment at Caulfield.

Follow the link for this week's form guide:
Underwood Stakes 2014

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If Turf Deli is blocked at your work, you can receive this week's form guide in a text email, via auto response by sending an email to text@turfdeli.com.au once you receive this email.

Cleverly Disguised Ads


Every week this spring we will be delving into the climate controlled historical archives (also known as the garage) to pull out something that only exists in hard copy from the Racing Archives.


It was the best of times back in 1992.

Show Day was a Public Holiday until Jeff Kennett removed it in 1994 (Thanks Jeff).

The Show Day races at Caulfield featured the Underwood Stakes, Rupert Clarke Stakes, and Guineas Preludes and formed part of one of the best racing days of the year, until the Melbourne Racing Club split the program up a few years ago (Thanks MRC).

And a state government owned TAB sponsored a match race between LET'S ELOPE and BETTER LOOSEN UP on Thousand Guineas Day that year. That is - before the TAB was privatised (Thanks Again, Jeff)

In those days, horses didn't have Facebook pages, or Twitter accounts or social media managers.

Nup. In those days, the cutting edge of equine promotion was the very under rated and extremely humble badge.

Worn with pride and with a smile. And still around 22 years later, long after the last clever tweet was forgotten.

More from the Match Race archive (and be careful not to prick yourself with the pin when you click on the link)



If you cast your eye out onto the course in between races, you might just catch sight of the professionalism of some jockeys.

Carefully walking the track. Pounding the ground. Watching for wear and tear. Looking for the best going to ensure they give their mounts the very best chance in the next race.

Either that - or they lost their bloody car keys during the running of the previous.


Help your weanlings grow up to be strong sprinter-milers with Black Caviar endorsed black caviar.

Yummy. The kids will be screaming.... for more?

The breakfast of champions - and pre dinner party snack of the social elite.


Sportsbet have a long list of added goodies for punters to enjoy to make the most of your punting dollar.

- matching the value of your first bet up to $250

- Top Tote Plus giving you the Best Price out of the three TABs or the Starting Price

- A pretty impressive YouTube channel

- Weekly special offers and money back specials.

- $100 for every friend your refer. And that is what friends are for - referral bonuses!

This week: Money Back if your horse runs 2nd or 3rd in the Underwood Stakes.

Click here to open a Sportsbet account.

Betfair First Bet Free

BETFAIR now offers the Best of 5 - which doesn't mean you can have 5 different goes at picking the winner - but rather means you get the best price of all three TABs, and the Starting Price and the Betfair Starting Price on every Melbourne Saturday spring meeting if you use the Betfair Tote product.

Plus you could always pick up better odds on the betting exchange.

For new customers if your first bet does not win, you can also get your money back up to $200.

That means you can have a no risk $200 ping at one at odds - and if you lose you get you money back.

Always read the Terms and Conditions on these offers - to make sure you make the most of them.

Click here to open a BETFAIR account and take advantage of this offer.

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