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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Turnbull Stakes Newsletter 2014

Turf Deli Free Form Guide

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Turnbull Stakes 2014.

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Turf Deli Racing News

The Great Race

Catching the train to Flemington is an integral part of the race day experience, especially during Cup Week.

There is a real buzz and anticipation heading out to the races.

You are highly likely to strike up a polite random conversation with the person sitting next to you. Which is rather different from the normal public transport experience where you try and avoid eye contact with the dishevelled muttering person opposite you, whilst the rest of the train mindlessly peers vacantly into their smart phones.

And if you are really unlucky, you might even end up seated next to some guy who will make polite conversation - and then try to shove their satirical punting website down your throat.

Public transport never looked so classy. The train on the way to Flemington is so very refined it could be an 19th century steam train on a lazy Sunday outing. Forget all these public transport protective service officers, just imagine if everyone rode the train network every day in their race day finest, that would surely solve the unruly behaviour problem.

During Cup Week the transport is great, shuttle trains run every ten minutes or so and it is a brief sprint out to Flemington through the North Melbourne industrial estates.

The rest of the year though you need to be prepared.

The last train out to Flemington is often before 1pm and sometimes just after they jump in Race 1. Many an unwary race goer has arrived at Flinders Street only to see the last train to Flemington departing the platform.

From there, the Great Race begins and the clock starts ticking:

- you can dash across platforms, wait 10-15 minutes for the next Craigieburn line train (Craigieburn, please, this finely attired race goer wishes to embark on a journey to Royal Flemington, post haste, if you don't mind). Jump off at Newmarket Station 15 mins later, stop and place at bet at the Newmarket TAB before walking down the long, long drive to Flemington which is another 10 minutes. You will probably have a few hundred tardy and disorganised, but well dressed friends as well. Clocks in at around 40 minutes.

- jump on the number 57 tram which meanders through the city, crawls past the market, dawdles through North Melbourne and edges along Racecourse Road, and experience one of the finest examples of congested roadways that Melbourne has to offer. Depending on the traffic, the trip could take you somewhere between 1 hour and 4 days. And you still need to walk down the driveway.

- find some other race goers, grab a taxi, hope the driver knows the short cuts through Footscray and that you find a winner in the next to cover the extra outlay. Around 30 minutes.

- loiter around the helipad and hope to catch the eye of some high flying, private helicopter wielding entrepreneur to hitch a lift with, though this is a bit of a long shot if you are heading out to the Winter Championships meeting. Only for the very ambitious race goer.

- swim down the Yarra River, under the Bolte Bridge, veer right and backstroke up the Maribyrnong River and reach Flemington drenched, wet, exhausted and covered in industrial pollutants. It not widely known that high heels also double as flippers when used in a powerful scissor kick motion. Challenging, but not recommended.

The last train to Turnbull Stakes Day leaves Flinders Street at 1:40pm. Be on it.

And if you see us madly rushing for the train - keep the door open please!

Last Week's Results

What A Wonder Full Weekend

We continued our fine punting form this spring with a Wonder Filled double header last weekend with Moonee Valley Friday night and Caulfield on Sunday.

On Friday night, we managed to find EVERY winner for the eight races in the three selections, which included the Early Quaddie, the Quaddie and the Big Six.

(ok, so the small fields may have helped a little, but that's the fine print disclaimer, go back to the big headlines)

Race 1: 5-TUDOR 1st W=$8.30 -- top pick
Race 2: 1-DEAR DEMI 1st W=$3.70 -- top pick
Race 3: 5-SOLSAY 1st W=$4.90
Race 4: 1-BUFFERING 1st W=$5.00
Race 5: 1-ELOPING 1st W=$3.90
Race 6: 1-THE CLEANER 1st W=$3.50
Race 7: 1-ALMALAD 1st W=$2.90
Race 8: 9-ANOTHER PRELATE 1st W=$8.90

Early Quaddie: $950.90
Quaddie: $623.90
Big Six: $25,816.10

Our Best Win bet won, DEAR DEMI 1st W=$3.70, our Best Rough ran well, TAHNI DANCER 2nd W=$15.00, though we still made a small loss in the Betting Portfolio, and our feature race preview for the Moir Stakes was spot on too.

We did point out the favourite 2-LANKAN RUPEE was no sure thing and was unlikely to continue to be as dominant this time in. We still think he is the World's* Best Sprinter though (*World excludes Moonee Valley). Maybe they should geld him again? Seemed to work well last time. Unfortunately, it is just about impossible to be that dominant year after year unless your initials are B.C

Things got even better Sunday at Caulfield.

We could only find one winner on top, but it was at great odds.

Race 3: 15-VAIN ATTRACTION 1st W=$20.60

Even better we took it in a quinella in our Turf Deli Wonder Bet with another outsider we liked 16-CHIQUADA looking the winner till the last few strides.

To turn a measly $3 bet into a very mighty $137 !

TURF DELI WONDER BET: Here we try and turn $5 into a whole lot more with a silly multiple bet.

QUINELLA: Race 3: 3,10(scr),12,15,16 boxed x $5 = 50% SCR $2.

This is a bit of a crazy race , capacity field and $6 the field. Likely to be a value runner in the finish, if not a value winner...think it is worth boxing up a few rough chances in a quinella and hoping for a collect here. The 15-VAIN ATTRACTION has excellent Caulfield form and is fitter for the 2 runs in...and even the 16-CHIQUADA from a good barrier, who is lightly raced with a good record isn't hopeless and seems crazy odds at $81 with no weight. Box them up and hope for a sizeable quinella collect.

1st 15-VAIN ATTRACTION W=$20.60, 2nd 16-CHIQUADA W=$24.50.
Quinella = $274.90 x 0.5 = $137.45

We have been in fine form so far this season, with the Betting Portfolio making a profit 5 times in 8 weeks and getting returns for the other 3 weeks. Which puts us well into the black overall coming into the business end of the spring (and also puts us well over due for a wipe out week).

2014 Spring Campaign: 8 weeks - 5 profits - 3 returns - 0 wipe outs. Net: +$200.65

View last week's Moir Stakes 2014 results.

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Check our list of Horses To Follow (updated 30/09/2014)

See how the tips and Betting Portfolio are going at the Bottom Line. It is looking pretty good so far this spring. We are showing a nice profit, even on simple win bets on the top selection after 70 races, which is actually really hard to do.

This Week's Free Form Guide

Flemington - Turnbull Stakes - 4th Oct 2014


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Turnbull Stakes 2014

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Cleverly Disguised Ads


Every week this spring we will be delving into the climate controlled historical archives (also known as the garage) to pull out something that only exists in hard copy from the Racing Archives.


The first two year old races of the spring are on this weekend, so it is a good time to remind everyone what a dubious betting proposition they are.

The odds in 2YO races are largely framed by which stable has the best media grab about how good their horse is. It is the popularity contest that predates reality TV show evictions.

Take TESTA ROSSA's first start, and win, as a 2YO at Caulfield on 10/10/1998.

In a field of only eight runners, he started at 12-1, and was backed in to start a still very generous 9-1, and sixth pick in the betting - and went on to win easily by 2.5 lengths.

He went on to win 5 of his next 7 starts as a 2YO and started close to even money every time. Overall, he won 13 races from 28 starts, and over $3 million dollars in prize money and became a successful stallion.

Whilst there were two other handy horses in the field, CATBIRD and AKHENATON, the rest of the runners struggled to win a race between them, but had great publicity teams meaning they started at shorter odds in the early 2YO popularity sweepstakes.

More from the TESTA ROSSA racing archive .


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If you are heading out to races during Cup Week check out our Flemington Track Guide.

Handy hints with associated nonsense about where to meet, where to hang out and how to avoid the queues on course.


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