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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Sandown Classic Newsletter 2014

Turf Deli Free Form Guide

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This is the last week of our Spring Campaign 2014

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Turf Deli Racing News

End Of Spring Campaign 2014

This is the last week of our Spring Campaign 2014.

We have lost track of how many years we have been running this service, but it must be heading towards the difficult late teenage years.

Hope you enjoyed the ride this spring.

We have actually had an awfully good season on the punt.

The $50 weekly Betting Portfolio has been in profit for almost the entire spring and is guaranteed to finish around $200 ahead.

Our early spring form was absolutely sensational, finding lots of great value winners and dividends.

Although we nosed dived over Cup Week, we struck back with vengeance on Stakes Day, so make sure you check out the Stakes Day results below.

Spring Highlights:

- Back at Moonee Valley on 23/08/2014, our Best Rough MOURINHO 1st W=$17.10 got up at great odds in a last race get out.

- We found DISSIDENT 1st W=$12.90 as our top pick and Best Each Bet on Memsie Stakes day.

- The night racing season commenced, and we went to town at the Moir Stakes meeting, finding every winner for the night in the selections and taking on some of the more fancied runners.

- We turned $3 into a mighty $137 by finding a $274 quinella in our Turf Deli Wonder Bet, and the top pick winner at great odds, VAIN ATTRACTION 1st W=$20.60 on Rupert Clarke Stakes day.

- There were some incredible results on Caulfield Guineas day, with Best Each Way AMICUS 1st W=$11.00 and a monster roughie, DESERT JEUNEY 3rd W=$72.70, P=$14.60 making it a huge day for the Betting Portfolio.

- SUAVITO (pictured), staying in the barriers Turnbull Stakes Day. Don't worry, all is forgiven now. What a great little horse.

- We managed to pot the winning chances of every single feature race winner during Cup Week in the One To Risk section of the detailed form guide preview. But we did warn everyone after Cup Day, so you had every chance to ruthlessly profit from our misfortune. That is just such bad tipping, it is rather funny.


We obviously have an awful lot of fun running the website regardless, so thank you for joining our spring journey.

Particular thanks goes to the Facebook regulars who throw their two cents worth of comments and likes in every week, and help us out with information and stories.

Thanks also to everyone out there who has passed on this email to friends or sent us encouraging words. Much appreciated.

We always welcome feedback about the crappy gags, tips and website, or debate about the form and we especially love hearing from people when they have had a collect.

You can contact us at info@turfdeli.com.au or post a comment on our Facebook page

We will be back next year, kicking off in August 2015 as per usual.

In the meantime, we will keep posting tips and updates on Facebook and Twitter when we spot something that it is worth having a fling at. Note that you can view this link even if you do not have an account.

Happy Punting
Turf Deli

Last Week's Results

Stakes Day - The Great Get Out

It had been a pretty long, dry Cup week on the punt, but we got out in major fashion on Stakes Day.

Why spread winners out over a whole week when you can cram them all in on the last day?

Out of 8 races, there were 3 winners on top, 5 winners in the selections and two huge quinellas. Including kicking off the day with the first two winners on top at nice odds.

Race 2: 13-HELD HOSTAGE 1st W=$7.40, Quin = $114.80
Race 3: 7-SAINT OR SINNER 1st W=$11.00, Quin = $64.50
Race 4: 4-LORD ASPEN 1st W=$3.20
Race 5: 3-LE ROI 1st W=$5.80
Race 9: 7-ECLAIR BIG BANG 1st W=$4.40

Early Quad: $4136.80

You don't get much better kick offs to a day on the punt than those first two races.

The $50 Betting Portfolio was right in the finish in most bets and cleaned up early to make a nice $122 profit for the day.

BEST EACH WAY: Race 2: 13-HELD HOSTAGE 1st W=$7.40
QUINELLA: Race 3: 13-HELD HOSTAGE#3,4,6,14 Quin = $114.80

BEST ROUGH: Race 3: 7-SAINT OR SINNER 1st W=$11.00

If you followed our $50 Betting Portfolio over Cup week on all four days you would have ended up $41.40 ahead (or 20.7% if you want to compare to bank interest). We doubt there are many websites that could claim a profit over Cup Week, yet alone for bets that were directly stated before the day.

This spring, the Betting Portfolio has been in profit since the second week of our Spring Campaign 2014.

We have now bet every week since mid August, been in profit the whole time, and are guaranteed to show a season profit of at least $200. That's a fair effort.

2014 Spring Campaign: 17 weeks - 7 profits - 9 returns - 1 wipe out. Net: +$243.35

View last week's Stakes Day 2014 results.

See how the tips and Betting Portfolio are going at the Bottom Line.

* Yes, HUCKLEBUCK got up and won to make it a clean sweep for our Ones To Risk in all four feature races during Cup Week, but we got some good results to offset that and warned everyone that was a dead certainty to happen!

This Week's Free Form Guide

Sandown - Sandown Classic - 15th Nov 2014


Follow the link for this week's form guide: Sandown Classic 2014

Note that the meeting is on the Sandown Hillside course this year

Can't open the link ?
If Turf Deli is blocked at your work, you can receive this week's form guide in a text email, via auto response by sending an email to text@turfdeli.com.au once you receive this email.

Cleverly Disguised Ads


Expert punters know how important it is to check out the condition of your horse in the Mounting Yard before the race.


Study this closely. Look for muscle definition, tone and fat around the stomach area to show what sort of condition the horse is in.

Then look downwards and repeat the same process on yourself.



Whilst some racehorses strive to race into Equine Immortality, others are quite content to just have an on-course bar named after them.


You can follow Turf Deli on the various social media for the rest of the year and we will provide tips and comments as often as possible.

- We will continue to post tips for most Saturday meetings on a Saturday morning. Feel free to add your own comments, reviews, tips, photos, insults, glowing tributes and anonymous death threats.

- If you like a particular runner ask us what we think of its chances and see if we can point you in the right direction.

- We will send out clever and witty tweets, whenever we find something clever and witty to say for ourselves.


If you are heading out to the races on Saturday, check out our Sandown Track Guide.

Handy hints with associated nonsense about where to meet, where to hang out and how to avoid the queues on course.

Except for Sandown Classic Day there are no queues. The spring madness is finally over!

Sandown is the crowing jewel of Springvale. Together, Sandown and VFL park formed the pride of 1960's construction, and were prime examples of what you could do with an awful lot of concrete and a few pie warmers in empty paddocks in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Fortunately, although VFL park is long gone, Sandown lives on and is still very, very much in original condition

Don't forget to do a Facebook check in to Sandown - it is so very uncool compared to all those checking into Flemington during Cup Week.

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