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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Moonee Valley Newsletter 23082014

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Moonee Valley 23/08/2014

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Turf Deli Racing News

Introducing - the Brunch Quaddie

We thought the TAB missed a great marketing opportunity with the introduction of the "Early Quaddie" earlier on this year.

It is not a very inspiring name.

We could have had the Early Quaddie, the Late Quaddie, and the Late, Late Quaddie.

Or the Goldilocks Quaddie, named after the process punters go through every week

- This Quaddie is Too Small
- This Quaddie is Too Big
- but This Quaddie is Just Right...

The TAB have been concerned about the downturn in retail wagering with more people betting online at home and on mobile devices.

Don't suppose it would have anything to do with most TABs these days being PubTABs? It can get kinda hard to get the attention of the one person pulling beers, wiping the bar, serving up a happy hour chicken parmigiana and manning three terminals at the same time.

But, just imagine if they had called it the Brunch Quaddie.

Immediately there would have been long queues of eager inner city Melbournians lining up around the block for an over priced not quite breakfast and not quite lunch experience.

Utter the word Brunch and they will come. Problem solved.

Last Week's Results

Grovelling Apologies

Following on from the grovelling apologies of our Federal Treasurer, we really feel the need to apologise for the main race form analysis from last week. It was really poor!

Searching high and low for an on pace and WFA proven selection, we totally overlooked the dead set obvious runner, and double figure winner STAR ROLLING 1st W=$11.30 - and in fact we even made it the One To Risk.

Talk about missing the bleeding obvious.

The rest of the tips just dawdled, though the Best Bet of the Day got home, Race 2: 1-BAGMAN 1st W=$2.60 so the Betting Portfolio got back most of its money

2014 Spring Campaign: 1 week - 0 profits - 1 returns - 0 wipe outs - Net: -$24

View last week's Lawrence (Liston) Stakes 2014 results.

We now have our list of Horses To Follow up and running with form links to each runner.

If you spot a black booker you want to share, head over to our Facebook page and win boasting rights for tipping winners in the only place where it really matters - social media.

Check out how the Betting Portfolio is going at the Bottom Line.

This Week's Free Form Guide

Moonee Valley - Moonee Valley - 23rd Aug 2014


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Moonee Valley 23/08/2014

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Cleverly Disguised Ads


It is great that in this modern age you can lazily access any bit of information almost immediately online.

But there is only one website that is prepared to put in a special effort. Go that extra yard. Delve into the climate controlled historical archives (also known as the garage) and pull out the Racing Archives.

Every week this spring we will be featuring a little bit of hard copy history from the Racing Archives.


With VINTAGE CROP passing away a few weeks back, here are the results for the 1993 Melbourne Cup.

VINTAGE CROP won at 14-1, TE-AKU NICK ran 2nd at 160-1 and MERCATOR ran 3rd at 125-1.

What a wipe out! Trifecta paid unders at $55,893. There was no flexi betting in those days to help you out. And you won't find this results grid online anywhere - just in the garage.

More from the 1993 Melbourne Cup racing archive


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Whilst some racehorses strive to race into Equine Immortality, others are quite content to just have an on-course bar named after them.


Sportsbet have a long list of added goodies for punters to enjoy to make the most of your punting dollar.

- matching the value of your first bet up to $150

- Top Tote Plus giving you the Best Price out of the three TABs or the Starting Price

- A pretty impressive YouTube channel

- Weekly special offers and money back specials.

- $100 for every friend your refer. And that is what friends are for - referral bonuses!

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Betfair First Bet Free

BETFAIR now offers the Best of 5 - which doesn't mean you can have 5 different goes at picking the winner - but rather means you get the best price of all three TABs, and the Starting Price and the Betfair Starting Price on every Melbourne Saturday spring meeting if you use the Betfair Tote product.

Plus you could always pick up better odds on the betting exchange.

For new customers if your first bet does not win, you can also get your money back up to $200.

That means you can have a no risk $200 ping at one at odds - and if you lose you get you money back.

Always read the Terms and Conditions on these offers - to make sure you make the most of them.

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