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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Cox Plate Newsletter 2013

Turf Deli Free Form Guide

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Cox Plate 2013

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Latest odds: Cox Plate - Melbourne Cup

Turf Deli Racing News

This Is My Ex-Racehorse

We all know what happens to ex-AFL footballers when they retire.

Often they will go into the media, which means they get to keep the same nickname, hang out with the same people and do the same thing they always have, except they have to wear a suit rather than footy shorts.

Else, in the good ol' days retired footy players would buy up an old pub, whereas now days they are more likely to be seen on a lifestyle program over enthusiastically telling us about the simply delightful menu at a gourmet, recently converted pub.

And if all that fails, then there is always a career in traffic management systems, involving a bright fluorescent vest and complicated Stop and Go procedures.

This week we are going to highlight a wonderful Facebook page we came across recently that highlights the post racing careers of ex-racehorses - This is My Ex Racehorse

This page is full of hundreds if not thousands of ex-racehorses and their stories.

There are big ones. There are small ones. There are famous ones. There are slow ones. There are un-raced ones. There are unnamed ones. There are even a few we have backed - and believe it or not, some of them even won.

Some have gone on to be successful show jumpers, or equestrian horses in various disciplines. Some are police horses, or part of various horse brigades and troupes. Some are just being themselves for the simple pleasure of riding. Some are just busy being cherished life-long family pets. All are celebrated on this Facebook page by genuine horse lovers.

This page only started earlier this year but already has several thousand likes and if you look carefully you might come across a few familiar names. We had a look through them to pick out some punters will fondly, or not so fondly remember:

BLUTIGEROO was definitely one of our favourites, especially after he won the 2007 BMW at double figure odds. These days he is on the cross country circuit and still vainly waiting for Carlton, Richmond or North Melbourne to make a Grand Final. See his race career

DELTA BLUES , the 2006 Melbourne Cup winner, is back in his native Japan as a show jumper and telling tales to the young Japanese horses of a mystical land far, far across the seas where the post race interviews get really awkward when Johnny Letts doesn't speak Japanese and the winning jockey doesn't speak English. See his race career

MR LOFTY who won a Coogny Handicap back when it was a Coogny Handicap and not a David Jones Cup, is happily retired having done pony club, eventing, showjumping and backpacking through Europe a few times. See his race career

SALE OF CENTURY caused a bit of a boil over winning the 2000 Rosehill Guineas, and ran in a few Cups,. He played on trying to win the car and the cash jackpot, but unfortunately over spent on a delightful set of gold encased book-ends in the gift shop on the way. Now days, he keeps himself busy with a equestrian and dressage career. See his race career

LARGO LAD was a mighty big thing who was awfully hard to catch on a wining day. He and NICONERO hang out on David Hayes's property with a lot of the other retires telling tales of the good old days to young up n comers. They also teach the young horses how to responsibly manage their Twitter accounts as all new horses need to be social media savvy. See their race career - race career

MORGAN DOLLAR still sticks in the memory for the day he jumped and led and won in a super sizzling 1.02 track record over the Caulfield 1100M in 2008 - and then struggled to win another race. But he can still tell tales of the day he ran against the mighty BLACK CAVIAR. See his race career

And VOTE FOR LUST the undisputed worse race horse in Australia is now retired, after having ninety starts - and never winning a race ! See his race career

We encourage you to like this page and share it around. If you have an ex-racehorse in the back yard the page administrators would also love to hear your story.


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Using a similar offer a few years ago several small punters on our mailing list had substantial four figure collects with $200 win bets on roughie PINKER PINKER in 2011 Cox Plate. It is a great chance to have a big collect without any risk involved.

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Last Week's Results

Fawkn-in' Awesome

Caulfield Cup Day was pretty magnificent, the weather was perfect, the last race format seemed to work, and the highlight of the day was the suited mosh pit at the after races band.

We handed out some spot on betting advice in the detailed form preview, predicting that the track would get quite firm, the racing would probably favour on pacers and that Sydney horses often win on this day.

And low and behold, punters had a field day as well backed on pacers or interstate visitors won most of the races.

The tips went pretty well, finding 3 winners on top, and 6 winners in the selections out of 10 races, most of whom were the well backed runners.

Race 1: 7-SAUVITO 1st W=$4.90 - top pick
Race 2: 6-HUCKLEBUCK 1st W=$2.80 - top pick
Race 3: 2-ARABIAN GOLD 1st W=$3.20
Race 6: 1-BOBAN 1st W=$3.40
Race 7: 5-SPIRIT OF BOOM 1st W=$6.30 -top pick
Race 8: 5-SPURTONIC 1st W=$3.10

The Betting Portfolio got most of its money back with the Daily Double paying $39, and our roughie and top pick running a very nice race at odds in Race 9, but once again the other bets were around the money but couldn't quite push us into profit.

BEST ROUGH: Race 9: 11-KOONOOMOO 2nd W=$30.10, P=$6.40

2013 Spring Campaign: 12 weeks - 2 profits - 7 returns - 3 wipe outs - Net: -$306.10

Keep an eye out for our race day Facebook updates.

Last Saturday morning we gave a strong push for the Caulfield Cup winner on the race day discussion thread. Even better midweek at the Geelong Cup we tipped up a storm with lots of winners, and our best roughie running 3rd at a whopping P=$10.70.

View last week's Caulfield Cup 2013 results.

View the list of Horses To Follow with form links to each runner..

Gasp in horror at how our tips and Betting Portfolio are faring at the Bottom Line.

This Week's Free Form Guide

Moonee Valley - Cox Plate - 26th Oct 2013


Follow the link for this week's form guide: Cox Plate 2013

Sportsbet are giving your bet back if you horse runs 2nd or 3rd in the Cox Plate.

Can't open the link ?
If Turf Deli is blocked at your work, you can receive this week's form guide in a text email, via auto response by sending an email to text@turfdeli.com.au once you receive this email.

Cleverly Disguised Ads


If you are heading out to Moonee Valley this week check out our Moonee Valley Track Guide .

Handy hints with associated nonsense about where to meet, where to hang out and how to avoid the queues on course.


- Watch out for the guy in the slightly creased suit creeping out from the race day stalls having done a sleep over from the Friday night Manikato Stakes meeting to get free entry into the Cox Plate.

- Stand in awe at the automated betting machines and watch the flying fingers of the TAB maestros. A true art form.



Really there is no need to shower before going down to the TAB.

It's not like anyone else does.


This spring we will also be posting regular tips and updates between meetings on Facebook and Twitter

Including lunchtime TAB specials for those of you who get the betting munchies in between feature race meetings.

You don't even need to have an account to follow these tips, just click on the links above to check for updates.

We post a discussion thread and updates for every meeting on Facebook, so pop in and let us know your thoughts, else tweet us your tips on race day.

This weekend we are going to bravely attempt to do live race by race, suggested bets before each race, including some juicy multiples to try and win some serious dosh for a small outlay.

Keep an eye on our Friday night and Saturday morning Facebook update threads and Twitter feeds


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For a small deposit, plus the added bonuses they offer you can follow the weekly tips every week and have a bit of fun on the punt this spring carnival.

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