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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Memsie Stakes Newsletter 2012

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Sandown Stars In Its Own Mini-Series

Poor old Sandown racecourse misses out on nearly all of the Spring Carnival spotlight.

However, those of you watching the glowing tributes to Kerry Packer the last couple of weekends (after all, he was the first man on the moon - wasn't he ?), would have noticed some very familiar scenes.

Sure the lead actor was great, and it was really impressive how all those Aussie actors could grow facial hair, but the real star of the show was Sandown racecourse, which was put to good use in so many of the car park, grandstand, walkway and stairwell scenes in Kerry Packer's War.

Sandown racecourse is of course world renown for its car parks, walkways and stairwells as is evident from the steady stream of tour buses zooming down Dandenong Road carrying eager tourists from all over the world.

Most of the VFL Park scenes were filmed at majestic Sandown, which is very much the twin of the now demolished VFL Park.

Together Sandown and VFL Park formed the pride of 1960's construction, and prime examples of what you could do with an awful lot of concrete and a few pie warmers in empty paddocks in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Fortunately, although VFL park is long gone, Sandown lives on and is still very, very much in original condition.

Last Week's Results

Punting Hard Luck Story #41,342

The protest doth giveth and the protest doth taketh away.

Indulge us in a few moments of punter's whining - if you will.

Life was looking pretty good as they rounded the home turn in the main race at Moonee Valley last weekend. Our top selection and best each way bet of the day, 3-UNANIMOUSLY, was travelling well and about to kick clear.

Even better our suggested roughies were fighting out the placings meaning our Turf Deli Wonder Bet Trifecta was looking odds on.

Spring was in the air. Birds were singing. Bees were buzzing...and horses were suddenly drifting out and hampering horses on their outside.

No wait...Stop...Rewind....Please ? Can we try that bit again ? Best two out of three ?

So, for a few fleeting moments there, the each way bet of the day was the winner, the $5 Wonder Bet had collected on the $993 trifecta and we tried to seriously convince ourselves that there was the slightest snowball's chance in hell of the protest being dismissed. Which there wasn't. And of course about 40 mins later the Lay of the Day got up and won just to rub lemony salt into gaping wounds in the wallet - but you could see that coming a long, long way off.

Overall the tips actually went along OK. There were two short priced favourites on top and a few other winners and quinellas floating around. The detailed form summary for the main race was spot on - finding the value winner in the selections and declaring 15-UMGETON 2nd W=$22.80 the best roughie.

Race 1: 6-COMMANDING JEWEL 1st W=$1.90, Quin = $10.00
Race 3: 2-STORM BURST 1st W=$1.60
Race 4: 2-RUSAMBO 1st W=$5.50 , Quin = $20.70
Race 6: 8-BROKEN 1st W=$14.00

The Betting Portfolio got back about half its money, but will smart for weeks on the missed trifecta.

Ironically, with a few scratchings, if you elevated the third selection in the tips to cover the scratchings in the suggested trifecta you would have pocketed the revised after protest $2187 dividend. And a few smart Turf Deli cookies out there actually did just that. So obvious in hindsight.

2012 Spring Campaign : 2 weeks - 0 profits - 1 returns - 1 wipe outs - Net : -$76.25

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This Week's Free Form Guide

Caulfield - Memsie Stakes - 1st Sept 2012


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TVN do a great job covering racing for serious punters.

After years of shivering out in the open during winter they now have their very own bunker adjacent to the Mounting Yard at Caulfield.

Which means if there is ever a nuclear armageddon we will still be able to hear them bleating on, non stop about the bloody Jockey Challenge.


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Great if you are a small bettor and always dreamed of having a ping at one at odds in a feature race over the spring.

Plus now BETFAIR offer multis, meaning you can combine up to 10 events for an even bigger collect.

You can sign up and have a ping at a big multi collect, and if it wins you are laughing. If not, no great loss, get your money back, go back to the drawing board and just bet as normal.

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Note that the offer is not valid for Victorian and South Australian residents. Or residents named Victoria...

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