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 Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Underwood Stakes Newsletter 2011

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Underwood Stakes 2011

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Underwood Stakes - To Be Continued...

We are off to Caulfield this week for the Underwood Stakes Part One - The Prelude

This year because of the later AFL football grand final the traditional Underwood Stakes and Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes meeting has been split into two in a joint undertaking between the wisdom of Solomon, and the marketing division of the Melbourne Racing Club.

Which is good news as we now score a bonus Caulfield meeting this spring. Woo hoo !

Even better, the MRC have made it a free day, the weather is supposed to be just lovely, and there are plenty of activities for the kids.

So if you are in the area drop by for a race or two and a couple of box trifectas. You will probably see some of the Turf Deli crew roaming around, as they often do, earning a bit of extra weekend cash in an festy, flea- ridden animal costume to entertain the kids. Just look for the guys in the bedraggled horse costume trying to use the automated betting machines with big furry hoof slaps, and letting out large whines of horsey frustration. It is important to remain in character at all times and not spoil the illusion - even if all your bets end up with the field boxed.

Check out the details of the free Underwood Stakes Day activities.

Last Week's Results

Poor Man's Quaddie = Much Profit

The tips were only fair last week at Moonee Valley, with just the one winner on top from eight races - but it was the longest priced winner of the day in the second race. There were a few other obvious winners lurking around the selections and the odd mediocre box trifecta, but nothing particularly news worthy about the tips.

Race 2 : 9-WHISPER DOWNS 1st W=$10.60
Race 4 : 7-IRISH DREAM 1st W=$4.30, Quin = $8.90, Tri = $115.30
Race 8 : 9-KING’S ROSE 1st W=$2.60, Tri = $38.40

However, we scored a bit of a decent collect in the Betting Portfolio when the $5 Turf Deli Wonder Bet came home for a tidy $146.50 return on the Victorian TAB. The collect was even more for those wise enough to use the corporate bookmakers and get the better odds.

To say we were lucky is an understatement - it was an All Up Place Bet on four horses (where the collect from one horse goes onto the next runner) and they all finished 3rd. Not just any 3rds either - but well beaten, fading on the line, hanging on by the hair of your nostrils thirds. As pointed out by one of our facebook fans - this was indeed the Poor Man's Quaddie.

Still a collect is a collect, and judging from the high praise on facebook and the congratulatory emails we got during the week quite a few were on board too. We always love to hear when you have had a win with the tips, so feel free to say Hello.

Here we try and turn $5 into a whole lot more with a silly multiple bet.
PLACE : Race 3: 10-BUZZWIN 3rd P=$2.10
PLACE : Race 4: 9-BEL SHOES 3rd P=$2.50
PLACE : Race 8: 1-LADY LYNETTE 3rd P=$1.80
PLACE : Race 9: 4-STANZOUT 3rd P=$3.10
x $5 = $5 = $146.50

We finally scored a short priced scalp with Lay of the Day Race 2 : 1-DO YOU THINK starting favourite and flopping. He is no relation to SO YOU THINK by the way, and would be more aptly named "MUMMA IS A CHICKEN".

However, we do have to acknowledge that even though the Lay of the Day didn't sting us, the One To Risk in the main race 9-REKINDLED ALLIANCE had his birthday, with everything going his way and got up and won. Happy Birthday 9-REKINDLED ALLIANCE !. So we still have to rather embarrassingly report that from 5 weeks so far this spring - the Lay Of The Day has won 3 times, and in the two weeks it has not - the One To Risk in the main race has got up. Ouch. That's gotta hurt.

The Betting Portfolio has been chugging along nicely the last couple of weeks and we are now comfortably in the black

Betting Portfolio : 5 weeks, 3 profits, 2 returns, 0 wipe outs - Net : +$153.55

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This Week's Free Form Guide

Caulfield - Underwood Stakes -17th Sept 2011


Remember it is free entry for the Underwood Stakes meeting this Saturday.

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TVN do a great job covering racing for serious punters.

After years of shivering out in the open during winter they now have their very own bunker adjacent to the Mounting Yard at Caulfield.

Which means if there is ever a nuclear armageddon we will still be able to hear them bleating on, non stop, about the bloody Jockey Challenge.


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