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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Turnbull Stakes Newsletter 2011

Turf Deli Free Form Guide

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Manikato Stakes 2011 (Friday night)

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Turnbull Stakes 2011 (Sunday morning)

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Turf Deli Racing News

Footy Chaos Theory

Hard working , dedicated scientists have over many decades developed the concept of chaos theory, more popularly known as the butterfly effect.

You know the theory - the one where the flapping of a butterfly's wings can put into motion a chain of cascading events which may or may not end up in a tornado somewhere.

Always thought those butterflies were darn suspicious creatures.

Likewise, a single flap of a butterfly wing may or may not determine whether your clothes dry more quickly on the washing line or not. Though we should point out that using butterflies to dry your washing is of course, rather silly and also banned in most countries since the Great Butterfly Uprising of the 1920s.

However, it does appear that these hard working, dedicated scientists have well, to be blunt, missed the bleeding obvious. There is an over whelming chaotic influence that is all engrossing, that is everywhere you look and  has mammoth repercussions on every day life on the blue planet Earth - the timing of the AFL Football finals.

The earth revolves around the AFL Football finals - not the other way around.


Forget what your star signs say or which planet is aligned with which star in which constellation, it is the footy fixture that is going to have the most effect on your life this weekend.

That is, unless your horoscope says something about hysterically laughing and pointing at Collingwood supporters after they get thrashed to a pulp - cause that sounds kind of uncannily accurate.

The timing of the AFL Grand Final influences when you are going to have that garage sale, which day to have the kid's birthday party, which day to get married and which day to have elective surgery to remove that rather over ambitious pre season Grand Final victory tattoo. It even affects the timing of state and federal elections. And it throws the racing calendar totally out of whack, into a cyclonic spin, tumbling out of control, with the Manikato Stakes meeting a week later on Friday night this year, on the same weekend as the Turnbull Stakes on the Sunday.

But this chaos has set up a tantalizing weekend of racing.

Kicking off Friday night with the Manikato Stakes - a race meeting that we think is rather under rated with lots of good racing. This year it is one of the races of the spring, with super star 3YO SEPOY taking on open class sprinters for the first time.

Roll onto Saturday in Sydney with the Epsom Stakes program full of feature quality races.

Roll over again and it's Sunday. Not much time to roll either with daylight savings kicking off this weekend and the first race at an incredibly early 10:30am, as we head off to Flemington for the Turnbull Stakes and spring racing begins to really take off. It's a super early start, so the VRC has graciously allowed pajamas and slippers in the members this year.

Then finish the racing weekend by staying up to the wee small hours to watch SO YOU THINK go around in France in the Arc De Triomphe.

Utter weekend of racing chaos. Love your work butterflies...

Last Week's Results

Rick rolled

Controversy at Caulfield last week with the track being upgraded to a very firm GOOD(2), which is quite rare these days, and explains why so many horses were going "ouch, ouch, ouch" like they were walking across hot sand.

The feature race, the Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes was quinellaed by larrikin training identity Rick Hore-Lacy, and yet not one racing journalist went the obvious Rick Rolled headline. Most disappointing. In one of the more famous punting stories, Rick set up his training business off the back of a $150,000 quadrella collect in 1976, which from memory was a $100 straight out quadrella bet which came in.

The tips were just OK again - it has been a bit of an ordinary year so far and we are not finding the normal share of winners and quinellas. Two winners on top, but they were both short priced favourites, and just one other winner in the selections.

However, in the detailed form analysis for the main race we summed up a tricky race pretty well, sacking the short priced and heavily supported favourite 13-SMART MISSILE 10th W=$2.80, whilst making 8-PINNACLES our top pick and best each way bet of the day who put in a huge run to run 2nd at W=$30.90

The Betting Portfolio finished pretty much even with the each way bet :

BEST EACH WAY : Race 6: 8-PINNACLES $5EW 2nd W=$30.90, P=$6.80 = $34

2011 Spring Campaign : 6 weeks - 3 profits - 4 returns - 0 wipe outs - Net : +$123

but....yet again the Lay of the Day won - making it a whopping 5 wins from 7 weeks and this is fast becoming one of the hottest losing streaks on offer. Get on now whilst the going is bad - really bad !

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This Week's Free Form Guide

Moonee Valley - Manikato Stakes - 30th Sept 2011


Friday night race meeting :

Follow the link for this week's form guide: Manikato Stakes 2011

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This Week's Free Form Guide

Flemington - Turnbull Stakes - 2nd Oct 2011


Sunday race meeting : First race 10:30am, last race 2:40pm.

Follow the link for this week's form guide: Turnbull Stakes 2011

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Note : There is no money back if Collingwood remain goal-less for the entire game.

Great day's racing up in Sydney on Saturday, where they actually dare to race on the same day as the Grand Final, rather than to try and cram a meeting into a morning time slot.

There is a whopping 25% bonus on the Epsom Handicap up for grabs.

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