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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Oaks Day Newsletter 2011

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Oaks Day 2011

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Major Race Days

Oaks Day

Oaks Day is a bit like a night club. It is cool to turn up as late as possible.

Just don't miss the first leg of the quadrella. Nothing spoils a night out like missing the first leg of the quaddie.

Oaks Day is probably not as dressy as the first two days of Cup week and it can resemble a bit more of a night club crowd later in the afternoon.

No techno music and strobe lights though - the horses don't like them and much prefer folk based ditties.


Additional Notes

It has been astounding to watch the change in Oaks Day over the last 20 years.

Believe it or not, it was actually racing administrator Robert Bagot who in mid 1850s first discovered that "where ladies went, men would follow" when he decided to offer two ladies tickets to the Cup for each member.

In the mid 1990s Oaks Day was just 50,000 or so ladies, mainly suburban mums having a chance to dress up and have their day out. A bit of a champagne and a giggle and a 50 cents each way bet on anything with the word "Princess" or "Diamond" in it. Believe us - we were working the on-course tote at the time.

From there it built to the "stylish ladies" day out, then it transformed to be the "groups of guys thinking they are on a good thing chasing stylish ladies" day out, and now it tends to be more about "groups of guys wondering why there are more guys than girls on course" day out.

The crowd on Oaks Day sky rocketed from 50,000 in the mid 1990s to over 100,000 in the early 2000s and it looked like overtaking the more popular race days. It got to the stage where Oaks Day was pretty much another unofficial public holiday, especially for the corporate CBD crowd who could work the morning and head off to Flemington in the afternoon. However it has to be said that recently the crowd has diminished and it is often a quite comfortable 70,000 or so. Which is still a damn fine turn out for a mid-week work day.

The Melbourne train network can struggle to cope with a normal work day peak hour and the race train shuttle, and there has been some famous breakdowns recently. This year to try and ease the crush the races have been moved back later in the day.

Please note that we have managed to complete this newsletter without any commentary about our esteemed visitors Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian, nor any jokes about who looks like various runners in the main race. But feel free to use google if you need to further research on this vital area before Oaks Day.

Last Week's Results

Parlez vous Francais ?

It was a full scale French invasion on Melbourne Cup Day.

Not only did the French trained horse DUNADEN win the Cup, but the runner up was RED CADEAUX (cadeaux of course bring French for present) with all sorts of other frenchy sounding winners like LAMASERY and FACILE TIGRE and would you believe - but UNDER THE EIFFEL won the last.

Who sets these things up? That's just plain weird. Not as weird as the French jockey using a bread stick instead of a whip though.

The newest official smallest margin in racing is no longer a nose, but a nostril hair and it does pay not to pluck on the morning of a big race.

The Turf Deli Melbourne Cup tips sucked. It is always a rubbish day to have a bet, but thought we could have found a value winner somewhere along the way. The Betting Portfolio got back just a little and is now sitting pretty much dead even 15 meetings into the season. Which is no fun, so we will try and grab a decent collect before the spring is over. Else you can call it quits now and retire a comfortable 35 cents better off ?

2011 Spring Campaign : 15 weeks - 5 profits - 8 returns - 2 wipe outs - Net : $+0.35

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This Week's Free Form Guide

Flemington - Oaks Day - 3rd Nov 2011


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If you are heading out to races during Cup Week check out our Flemington Track Guide.

Handy hints with associated nonsense about where to meet, where to hang out and how to avoid the queues on course.

Notes :
- It always pays to know where the sturdy, spacious permanent toilet blocks are. If you go out the back of the course, towards the main car park, past the book makers ring, just near the Flemington Heritage centre there is a major, solid, permanent and very under utilised toilet blocks. No frustrating lines for the ladies in their race day finest.


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This Week's Turf Deli Ping :


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