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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Cox Plate Newsletter 2011

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Cox Plate 2011

Latest odds : Cox Plate - Melbourne Cup

This offer is totally nuts.
Have a no risk $200 plonk on the Cox Plate.
If you lose - you get your money back.

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Things To Do : Cox Plate Day

If there is one day during the Spring Carnival that we find a little uninspiring it would have to be Cox Plate Day.

Maybe it is because it is a silver plate and not some sort of flashy gold cup, and we are all about as much bling as possible - as you can tell from our flashy blue newsletter.

Do you have any idea how damn difficult it is to drink champagne off a plate ?

It tends to end up all over your good shoes and the sound of squelchy, champagne filled socks really isn't that appealing. Hence, we have never been that interested in winning a Cox Plate.

Or maybe the lack of interest in the Cox Plate is because we are a south of the Yarra snob, shop exclusively on Chapel St and only wear designer underwear.

But in reality it is just that Cox Plate Day always seems to be a day of small fields and short priced favourites (that usually win) and from a punting point of view it can be hard to get warm with so little value around.


So here is our list of things you can do Cox Plate Day (instead of going to the races):

1. Sleep in
The Cox Plate is being moved back later and later in the day as the push towards a night time or twilight meeting grows in order to please the Asian gambling market. The added bonus of this is that the late start means that the pre-race National Anthem is now sung with an additional 2 hours worth of drunken gusto. The late start also means you can sleep in on a Saturday morning, watch the cartoons, do the dishes, wash the dog, the car, the boat, the jet ski , the wife, children, mother in law and even the good silver ware - and still not miss any racing. Actually you could probably miss most of the 1st half of the program and not really miss much in the way of racing.

2. Play the BLACK CAVIAR fantasy game
Pretend you are the owner of the best horse in the country and plan out an entire spring campaign which actually challenges her ability rather than hitting soft targets. Else pretend you are the owner of the best horse in the country and try to imagine the pride you feel when she beats a field of 4 out of form and has-been horses.

3. Dream of the glory days of Moonee Valley
The late 1970s. Saturday night. Channel 7. Quality hosts like Michael Williamson and Ernie Sigley. Musical numbers. Crowded around the TV for the Tattslotto draw. But most importantly - live coverage of the Moonee Valley trots. The pinnacle of free to air Saturday night television. The Moonee Valley Racing Club can try all they like to build night racing spectaculars, but even they have to admit they will never be able to again scale these dizzying heights. Unless maybe they deploy a snazzy dance troupe for a toe-tapping number before the main race?

4. Do the form for the Melton Saturday night trots
At least here you might have a chance of picking up a trifecta that pays more than $50.

5. Invest wisely
Get out your calculator and work out if it might be more value to invest your betting pool in the bank at 5% for one quarter of one day of one year rather than back a half dozen $1.50 favourites.

6. Cook up A Storm
Poor Kerrin McEvoy , the jockey on the favourite in the Cox Plate, HELMET, has been starving himself all week to get down to a stick thin 49.5 kgs. Help the poor starving boy out, he is seriously going to be in need of a good feed. Spend the day cooking,. Start off with a tray of lasagne, follow up with a quality roast with veges and nice lemon meringue for desert. Book a courier for 5:30pm and send it through to K.McEvoy, 49.5kgs, Moonee Valley jockey room.

7. Bonecrushing tedium
Start counting how many times during the day the BONECRUSHER - OUR WAVERLEY STAR Cox Plate of 1986 gets mentioned. Like BONECRUSHER who raced into equine immortality we are forever doomed to replay this finish, time after time, year after year, ad infinitum.

8. Count the internationals
Spend the day counting how many international runners the Moonee Valley Racing Club managed to attract in the Cox Plate field this year, even with offering them a guaranteed $100,000 just for turning up. No - it is not a trick question. The answer is still a big zero.

9. Be a total sook
Spend the day writing a sooky blog piece about how ordinary a day's racing Cox Plate Day is, in a blatant and childish rebuttal to the Moonee Valley Racing Club, who for some reason this year, without explanation withdrew the Turf Deli media accreditation

Missed a mail out ? View the list of previous newsletters.


No risk $200 plonk on the Cox Plate

Excuse the advertisement, but this is one of the most open Cox Plates for a while and the IASBET offer this week is totally insane.

If your horse wins you get double your winnings - read the fine print and in reality this is up to an extra $200, but still that's OK.

If your horse loses - you get your money back, up to $200.

So bascially, you just grab $200 and plonk it on something at odds in the Cox Plate.

If it wins you get your collect. If it loses you get your money back anyway - it is a effecitvely a no risk $200 bet on whatever you like in the Cox Plate.

Read the fine print on the Terms and Conditions, but really there are no tricks. Just remember it has to be your first bet of the day on Saturday

More details on this utterly insane offer.

Last Week's Results

December Dreaming

Poor trainer Mark Kavanagh had another rotten Caulfield Cup Day with his favourite DECEMBER DRAW finishing injured and last out the back of the field in last week's Caulfield Cup. Just goes to show that racing is a funny game and there is no such thing as a good thing - expect of course for the horses we risk as Lay Of The Day. They are total shoe-ins.

The tips went OK, but we just can't find decent value top picks this year. From 10 races, 2 winners on top, but they were the short priced obvious bets, and 5 winners in the selections was OK, with a few quinellas thrown in.

Race 1 : 6-BELLE OF THE COURT 1st W=$3.40, Quin =$7.50
Race 4 : 5-SABRAGE 1st W=$8.80, Quin=$25.50
Race 5 : 6-SEPOY 1st W=$1.20, Quin=$4.90
Race 8 : 18-SOUTHERN SPEED 1st W=$10.20
Race 9 : 1-MORE JOYOUS 1st W=$1.80

We summed up the Caulfield Cup really well in our detailed form analysis, narrowing it down to three main winning chances and 2 rough chances, which included the quinella.

The Betting Portfolio suffered its 2nd wipe out for the year, which means we have now official dropped into the red.

2011 Spring Campaign : 12 weeks - 4 profits - 6 returns - 2 wipe outs - Net : $-26

View last week's Caulfield Cup 2011 results

View the list of Horses To Follow.

See how our tips and Betting Portfolio are faring at the Bottom Line.

This Week's Free Form Guide

Moonee Valley - Cox Plate - 22nd Oct 2011


Follow the link for this week's form guide: Cox Plate 2011

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Cleverly Disguised Ads


Racing is just as committed to cutting out on field sledging as the AFL and the cricket.

Caulfield 13/08/2011

WHOBEGOTYOU was fined 10 carrots for allegedly sledging opponent LIGHTS OF HEAVEN behind the starting barriers with the phrase:

"Your mother sleeps with sires for money"


If you are heading out to Moonee Valley this week check out our Moonee Valley Track Guide.

Handy hints with associated nonsense about where to meet, where to hang out and how to avoid the queues on course.

Notes :
- with the late start, a champion mare going around and a crowd capacity of around 30,000 there is actually a chance of a sell out. So if you want to go would be an idea to pre-book or get there early on the day.


This is one of the most open Cox Plates for a while and this week's IASBET offer is almost too good to be true.

But it is true !

No risk $200 plonk on the Cox Plate

If your horse wins you get double your winnings - up to an extra $200,

If your horse loses - you get your money back.

This offer is seriously just plain crazy - it is a no risk $200 bet on whatever you like in the Cox Plate.

If you open a new account you still qualify for the normal additional bonuses as well.

Betfair First Bet Free

BETFAIR's current offer is a refund up to $100 on your first bet if it loses.

Great if you are a small bettor and always dreamed of having a ping at one at odds in a feature race over the spring.

You can sign up, have a ping, and if it wins - collect big, if not, back to the drawing board and just bet as normal. After the first bet, you can place your normal TAB bets through BETFAIR as well as they link in with the Tasmanian TAB.

Always read the Terms and Conditions on these offers - to make sure you make the most of them. Note that the offer is not valid for VIC and SA residents. The bet has to be a single bet of up to $100, so you can't split it across a horse at different odds. Our recommendation would be to use the BETFAIR Starting Price option.

Every week over spring we are going to pick out a horse at better than $10 to have a $100 no risk ping on.

This Week's Turf Deli Ping :


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