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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Underwood Stakes Newsletter 2010
Turf Deli Free Form Guide

Print out this week's free form guide for the Rupert Clarke and Underwood Stakes 2010

Latest odds : Caulfield Cup - Cox Plate - Melbourne Cup

Last Week's Results

But I Don't Wanna Lead

Chaos reigned at Moonee Valley last week. Before the main race, all the trainers, owners and jockeys stood around the mounting yard, stomping their feet, and holding their breath cause no one wanted to lead in the feature race as the track was favouring those runners on.

The Turf Deli tips had a pretty good day out, we managed to find 4 winners on top, and we even managed to sneak a whopping 33-1 long shot winner into the selections. We also pointed out that the track was quite likely to favour those running on, and getting the racing pattern correct is just as an important start to the day as a healthy breakfast.

RACE 2 : 3-CRABS 1st W=$3.00 - top pick
RACE 4 : 12-VENUS WORLD 1st W=$34.70 - long shot in the selections
RACE 6 : 3-HAY LIST 1st W=$2.30 - top pick
RACE 8 : 8-AVIENUS 1st W=$11.00 - top pick
RACE 9 : 14-SPACECRAFT 1st W=$1.90 - top pick

Even better, we found the trick result in the Stock Stakes, with the Best Each Way Bet of the Day saluting at nice odds. It doesn't come much better on the punt than when your 10-1 shot is cruising, untouched on the back of a tear away leader whilst the rest of the field is lagging 6 lengths behind.

BEST EACH WAY: Race 8: 8-AVIENUS $5 EW 1st W=$11.00, P=$3.50 = $72.50

View last week's Dato Tan Chin Nam Stakes 2010 results.

The Betting Portfolio posted a $43.50 profit. That's 5 meetings this spring for 3 profits, 2 returns and no wipe outs to be seen (yet). We are comfortably ahead in the Betting Portfolio and showing a profit on most bet types on the selections in each race. It's been a pretty impressive start to the season with plenty of value winners so far. Unfortunately, from this week onwards it starts to get a lot, lot tougher. Party Poopers.

View our results for this season at the Bottom Line

View the list of Horses To Follow which have also been going extremely well - last week they included AVIENUS 1st W=$11.00 and PERTUBO 1st W=$18.30.

This Week's Free Form Guide

Caulfield - Underwood Stakes - 18th Sept 2010


Follow the link for this week's form guide: Underwood Stakes 2010
(detailed form for both the Rupert Clarke and the Underwood Stakes)

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$4.50 Flood
$4.75 Freak Ice Storm
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$25 Wardrobe Malfunction
$50 Misplacing winning quaddie ticket
$100 "Jetlagged" international celebrity

Our resident expert on natural disasters, Kevin the Locust, says there has been strong money for Plague this week and word around the track is the winter preparation has been solid and Plague is in for a big spring.

Turf Deli is offering a scrumptious pest proof hamper prize pack to the first person to turn up on course on Melbourne Cup Day - dressed as a giant locust. Hamper consists of a dozen cans of tinned hamburgers cause seriously not even locusts would eat that stuff.


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