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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Dato Tan Stakes Newsletter 2010
Turf Deli Free Form Guide

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Turf Deli Spring Logo Collection

Those of you who closely follow the newspaper social pages (surely a very high percentage of Turf Deli subscribers), would realise that we have hit the time of the year when all the major players do their highly stylised Spring Carnival launches.

Turf Deli, as always, is no exception.

The Who's Who of the racing industry, the finest media A list celebrities and a swarm of glamorous international models were all invited to an exclusive Sausages N Bread (BYO Tomato Sauce) launch of the new Turf Deli Spring Logo collection.

Unfortunately - none of them actually showed up. We suspect they had already gouged themselves silly on the bountiful sausage sizzles available at the polling booths on Election Day and were suffering from severe sausage overload. Either that or they had absolutely no idea who we were. Hard to tell for sure. Obviously it was bitterly disappointing, but that just meant more sausages for everyone else.


Yes, after ten long years it is time to wave a fond farewell to our turn of the century, clip-art, extra smiley, horse logo and move on to a sleeker, modern logo, ready to meet the challenges that lay ahead in the new decade.

Turf Deli Free Form Guide

But how best to redevelop the logo ?

First off, we contacted the finest minds in the advertising industry who put their heads together and finally came up with a BHP Billiton style three blob logo. Stunningly innovative and abstract, but the main problem was that each blob was represented by a freshly laid steaming horse turd, and to be honest, "Turf Deli - Crap Tips" really wasn't quite the slogan we were aiming for. Might pass on that one.

Next thought was that maybe the logo should feature a ferocious, bucking, snorting horse. Powerful and muscular to reflect our fierce determination to scan every inch of the form guide to find value winners. Possibility - guess it kinda depends if we want to be called "prize wanker" every time we step onto a racecourse or not.

Or maybe we should play to the top end of the TAB market ? (i.e. those who don't wear tracksuit pants down to the local). A stylishly groomed horse with slick parted hair, tuxedo and James Bond style sophistication ? Immensely successful, that effortlessly mixes in high society, drives a flashy car, woos the women folk and makes all the men jealous ? (then we woke up and it was all just a dream).

In the back of our minds was the overriding requirement, that with whatever logo we went with , it simply must look good crumpled up on a train floor, or on the floor of the TAB, as that is how we gain most of our business.

Let's stick with the good ol' whimsical horse. Just give him a brand new look. A bit of a make over. Add in a bit of disco flair. Throw in a pinch of game show razzamatazz. Ker-chink. We have a winner.

Passionate about the punt

And so you have it. The new Turf Deli logo.

Thanks to the crew at PixelPushers who are talented in developing logos, business cards and graphics for small business. The kind of stuff you can spend frustrating hours on yourself and never, ever get right. Just don't ask them to draw anymore goddam whimsical horses.

Last Week's Results

Enough Rain Already !

Unfortunately our form guide print out got drenched last week and all the ink washed away. So not quite sure how the tips went? Does anyone remember ? Hopefully not - cause they went damn ordinary. We got the racing pattern horribly wrong and it was all pretty much down hill from there.

The Betting Portfolio managed to get back about half of it's money, so it wasn't a total loss. And the detailed form for the main race wasn't too far off, hopefully it was an entertaining read at least.

View last week's Makybe Diva Stakes 2010 results.

View our results for this season at the Bottom Line

View the list of Horses To Follow who found another winner FARFIELD FLAME W=$4.80 midweek at Sandown.

This Week's Free Form Guide

Moonee Valley - Dato Tan Stakes - 11th Sept 2010


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Dato Tan Chin Nam Stakes 2010

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Cleverly Disguised Ads


Here is an old logo from the archives that was locked away, never to be seen cause it was so extremely, extremely wrong.

Upon review, it is so extremely, extremely wrong that it is actually extremely funny.

Turf Deli is a serious form service.

We do not, repeat DO NOT, do children's parties.

(unless there are chocolate crackles)


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Owning a race horse is bloody expensive - believe us - been there done that.

So you want to milk every perk you can.

Experience all the prestige that can only come from owning 1/12 of 5% of a country maiden galloper.

IAS offer a range of special extras for horse owners, breeders and trainers through their The Club program.

Get the best odds on your horse when it runs, cash back rebates and a rather tasty $200 free bet for every other eligible Club member you sign up.

There is fierce competition for your punting dollar these days, so you might as well milk them for all they are worth.

If you enjoy our free service, or had a collect by following our tips you can support us by opening an account with one of our advertisers, whilst at the same time grabbing some freebies for yourself.

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We hear about Fat Finger errors in the stock market world, when someone makes a typo like making a number a billion instead of a million.

Here we place an imaginary exorbitant amount of money on a sure fire good thing.

Cause why should stock traders have all the mis-keying Fat Finger Fun ?.

$1,000,000 on the nose thanks

(oops meant $10 - finger got stuck - is it too late to change?)

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