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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - Caulfield Guineas Newsletter 2010

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Punting Tool Box

Here is a list of personally recommended (and more importantly - free) websites that serious and casual punters alike need to keep handy to make the most of Springtime goodness.

Plus there are a swag of fantasy stable competitions which are always a lot of fun.

In conjunction with IASBET, we are offering additional prizes for Turf Deli Subscribers who join our league in each of the fantasy stable competitions. See Competition details below.

Racing Victoria
The central resource for all factual racing information. As opposed to, the central resource for all nonsensical racing information, which is of course, Turf Deli. In particular, Racing Victoria's free form service is seriously good. View the day's fields. Click through for brief form, or detailed form with lifetime starts for each horse (very handy for checking wet track form in detail). Plus vital information like trials, jockey's colours, stewards reports from previous meetings, and race nominations for each horse so you can see if a horse is being kept to run in a particular race.

Racehorse Talk Australia
Racehorse talk forum, full of nice, polite, and knowledgeable people (unlike most online forums), from all facets of the racing industry. Great for voicing your opinion in a supportive environment and picking the brains of fellow punters and racing enthusiasts. There is always lots of vibrant and informative discussion about anything vaguely to do with racing, plus some very knowledgeable punters.

Racenet Black Book
Stacks of daily racing news, but the best feature is the free Black Book option. Get email reminders when horses that you are following are running, and you can put alerts on trainers, stables, jockeys, sires and dams. Never get that sick feeling again seeing a horse you have been following has snuck interstate and won at nice odds.

Form Focus - Feature Race History
Form Focus do those feature race histories that you often see in form guides. For every feature race there is a history of the last 20 winners so you can remind yourself what it takes to win and look for patterns in weights, form, lead up races etc. Fantastic service and even better it's free.

Funny to think it has just been a few short years since all the ridiculous scare mongering about how the introduction of betting exchanges would lead to the downfall of civilization as we know it. Here you can back a horse, or lay a horse not to win, and get about 20% better odds then you will on the TAB. You can even bet during the run if you are really keen, but you need lighting reflexes, lightning internet and TV signal. Super hero powers allowing you to pause time also come in handy. Have to admit that we did try it, but found it hard work and it takes all the fun out of watching the race. Sure way to go mad. The Betfair Customer Service is seriously excellent.

Main problem with Betfair is that shopping for the best odds takes a fair bit of work, sitting watching the market, waiting to pounce with your wad of $5 notes. A handy new feature is the Betfair Starting Price, when you can put a bet on, leave it and get the starting price on Betfair when they jump. Great if you want to bet and forget, head out, socialise and still get the best odds. We have tried it a few times and the odds come out much better than the TAB.

Current offer : $50 refund on first losing bet. More details

If you like one in the Cups at odds, open an account, fling $50 on - if it doesn't win it's money back anyway.

The punting landscape changed dramatically a few years back when the corporate bookmakers gained their freedom. It's been a frenzy of free betting offers as they scramble to get your punting dollar. Our theory is if they offer freebies - take them. Betting with other people's money is much more fun. IAS is more racing focused than most, and more for serious punters than some of the others which can be a bit gimmicky. One recent promotion, the Hour of Power (didn't that used to be a religious program?) is worth looking at. For one hour on Saturday morning they run their markets at 100%, which means you will get better odds than usual if you plan to have a serious ping on something that day. Plus each week there is a Money Back Special, which is featured on top of our weekly form guide.

Current offer : Deposit $50 = $100 Free Bet- Plus $50 Free Bet for every friend referred. More details


Racing Competitions

These free competitions are a lot of fun. Make sure you read the list of eligible races carefully, and how the scoring system works in each one. For the ones based on points, you can pick up easy points in small fields by taking multiple runners. Try and work out what horses will be set for what races and play fantasy trainer from the couch.

In conjunction with IASBET, we are offering the following additional prizes to any player who joins our league in each of the competitions. You can join the turfdeli.com.au league by entering the League Code listed below.

In each turfdeli.com.au competition league, the prizes are :

1st overall : $100 free bet
2nd overall : $50 free bet
3rd overall : $20 free bet

The conditions are that you must be a Turf Deli subscriber and you must email your Competition and Stable Name to info@turfdeli.com.au so we have a record of who is playing. No new additions to the turfdeli.com.au leagues will be allowed from Derby Day onwards to stop well performing, free loading strangers trying to cash in. Reminder that these fantasy stable competitions close Saturday morning Caulfield Guineas Day.

Sky Channel Star Stable
This competition started last week and is based on all feature meetings until Emirates Stakes Day. Remember it is based on all races on these days and is based on prizemoney dollars - and that a Melbourne Cup winner is worth a lot more than a winner of the first race. League Code : 236781

Herald Sun Super Stable
Prefer this one as the prize is cash, but it's winner take all, and you know like the Footy Tipping you are always going to be up against someone who has a freak year. You can design your own silks which is fun. This is a bit trickier as it is based on points, and only on certain races on each day - so make sure you check what races count and select horses appropriately. The point scoring system is 10 to 1, so there is not that much difference between 1st and a place getter. Graphics are uber ugly. Starts this weekend. League Code : 105466

Racing Victoria Dream Stable
This one is probably more for the serious racing fan. It is a point system on selected races, but the points are weighted so a winner is worth much more than a placegetter. Horses are also broken down into categories, and you can declare a Best Bet every week for double points. Just like playing the Joker on Almost Anything Goes. Starts this weekend. But is there a prize? We couldn't see one? League Code: 309958

Turf Deli Dung Stable
Not wanting to be left out, our competition is based on selecting a stable that will produce the most amount of dung over the glamorous Spring Racing Carnival. And it's not virtual - but real. Get your own shovel and sack, roll up your sleeves and start shovelling for big prizes.

Last Week's Results

Hay Hay Hay

Glorious Sunday sunshine last week at Flemington for the Turnbull Stakes, unfortunately only a dribble of winners as the tips struggled a bit on a tough day on the punt.

Just the one dead set obvious winner on top, the increasingly infallible HAY LIST W=$1.50, with a few value winners in the selections - TERRITORY W=$2.90, HARRIS TWEED W=$6.90, and SISTINE ANGEL W=$9.80. Particularly impressed with the win of that last one and keep following her this spring.

We still managed to squeeze a small profit in the Betting Portfolio with two collects, and our other bets weren't far off at all, both running placings.

BEST WIN : Race 4: 1-HARRIS TWEED x $5 1st W=$6.90 = $34.50
QUINELLA : Race 5: 3-NO EVIDENCE NEEDED #8,9,15,16 x $2 = $8 QUIN = $12.60 = $25.20

Plus we potted a dead set wet tracker out of his class in the Lay of The Day :

LAY OF THE DAY : Race 4: 6-CRABS at around $6. 7th W=$6.60

View last week's Turnbull Stakes 2010 results

The Betting Portfolio is still awaiting that giant tsunami of a wipe out that must be lurking out there somewhere. So far it's 8 weeks, 6 profits, 2 returns, 0 wipe outs and a running total of +$398.45.

View our results for this season at the Bottom Line

The Black Book chalked up another winner with one we were extra keen on which was snuck off to Benalla in the last race on Sunday, 1st OVERTAKE W=$6.50

View the list of Horses To Follow

This Week's Free Form Guide

Caulfield - Caulfield Guineas - 9th October 2010


Detailed and critical form guide for the Yalumba Stakes, Toorak Handicap and Caulfield Guineas.

Follow the link for this week's form guide: Caulfield Guineas 2010

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Cleverly Disguised Ads



TVN do a great job covering racing for serious punters.

After years of shivering out in the open during winter they now have their very own bunker adjacent to the Mounting Yard at Caulfield.

Which means if there is ever a nuclear armageddon we will still be able to hear them bleating on, non stop about the bloody Jockey Challenge.


With the corporate bookmakers now free to roam there is fierce competition for your punting dollar

So - make the most of it. Open an account with each of them and grab the free bets they are throwing around.

Cause betting with other people's money is much, much more fun.

If you enjoy our free service, or had a collect by following our tips you can support us by opening an account with one of our advertisers, whilst at the same time grabbing some freebies for yourself.

Check out what offers are available to
stretch your punting dollar further


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Did you have a SHOCKING Turnbull Stakes Day?

Every week IASBET issue a Money Back Special.

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Watch out for the Money Back Special on the top of the form guide each week.

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