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Turf Deli Free Form Guides and Tips - C.F.Orr Stakes Newsletter 2010

Turf Deli Free Form Guide

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C.F.Orr Stakes 2011

Turf Deli Racing News

Turf Deli Autumn Campaign 2011

Autumn racing in Melbourne kicked off in style last weekend in the way only Melbourne can - with torrential rain and abandonment of the Caulfield Races.

Following on from last year's freak ice storm on Australian Cup Day, and the unrelenting down pour on Derby Day, the Victorian racing clubs are now ready and prepared for anything - and the emergency rake is on full stand by for this season's inevitable Great Autumn Leaf Landslide.

As any astute trainer knows, you need to send your Melbourne Cup hopeful out in the Autumn for a few warm up runs to keep them ticking over.

Yes, coming off a rather impressive and profitable Spring Campaign 2010, and due to popular demand, we are going to back up for a quick, sharp Melbourne Autumn Campaign 2011.

Can we continue the Spring Profit Surge? - Highly Unlikely .

Is it going to be amusing to watch Turf Deli slink into mud and sludge? - Hell Yeah.


The Turf Deli Autumn Campaign 2011 will operate as follows:

Every week, for the meetings listed below, get your buckets at the ready as we mail out our form guides consisting of a torrential downpour of tips, with plenty of suggested bets gently lapping around your ankles. Wave as our detailed critical form analysis for the main race of the day slowly floats by and run for cover from the silly previews and mock advertisements.

Form guide emails will be sent out by 5pm on the day before the race meeting.

Meetings covered are (Melbourne Festival of Racing) :

C.F.Orr Stakes (12/02/2011)
Lightning Stakes (19/02/2011)
Blue Diamond Stakes (26/02/2011)
Australian Guineas (05/03/2011)
Australian Cup (12/03/2011)

As always, Turf Deli is free, cheap and extremely easy.

If you wish to support us, you can do so in one of the following ways :

- Forward our emails onto friends / family / work mates / arch-enemies / wooden prime minsters and celebrity baby surrogates.

- Take advantage of one of the many special betting offers available for Turf Deli Subscribers, or click through the ads on the form guide.

- Post a link to our form guide on your facebook page, tweet us on twitter, discuss us on discussion forums, or if you are old fashioned simply just carry a large sandwich board sprouting our daily specials.

Any support is greatly appreciated. We also welcome any feedback about the site, emails, and the tips, for better or worse.

Happy punting
Turf Deli

Last Week's Results

Spring Campaign 2010 Summary - Bumper Profits

We had a bumper Spring Campaign 2010 with our weekly suggested bets in the $50 Betting Portfolio.

Forget those monster Commonwealth bank profits, check out the zillions we made with just $50 each week.

17 meetings - 10 profits - 4 returns - 3 wipe outs.

For a season profit +$524.50 (53% profit).

Retirement time? Not going to do much better than that.

If you started out with $50 in Week One, you could have bet the whole season and been in the black the entire time, and ended up $500 up.

If we were a little more dubious we could probably report that as a 1000% profit - but we really can't count that high.

Thanks for all the emails of support and congratulations, we do like to hear from people when they have had a win.

View the Spring Campaign 2010 Summary

This Week's Free Form Guide

Caulfield - C.F.Orr Stakes - 12th February 2011


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