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Turf Deli Introduction
Turf Deli's Punting Pedigree

Frequently asked questions at Turf Deli :

What is Turf Deli’s Punting Pedigree ?

Was his Sire a well known bookmaker ?

Or his dam a classic winning author ?

How many Melbourne Cup winners did he ride ?

Which stables does he get inside knowledge from ?

You must like horses - do you go riding very often ?

All barking up the wrong tree, looking for a needle in the wrong haystack and biting off more than you can chew (guess who has been watching too much of "Burgos CatchPhrase" ).

Turf Deli, like most punters, cannot tell one end of the horse from the other, and the only winners he rides are from the grandstand or couch (with a very vigorous whip action).Turf Deli is not aiming to ride Melbourne Cup winners, rather he is aiming to back them - so the best experience for picking a winner is doing the form.

Turf Deli was found abandoned as a baby outside a city TAB, wrapped only in the tattered remains of an old Sporting Globe, just before the running of the last at Sandown on a particularly cold winters day. Kindly adopted and bought up by the resident agent, he quickly developed all the skills necessary for the punt -

an analytical eye,

a nose for value,

the ability to block out the noise from mug punters sprouting opinions around him

the Olympic speed and agility needed to fill out a form in the wink of an eye and fly across the floor to place it with precision into a slot,

and to make the necessary sound effects when your horse is coming home.

Unfortunately, he also developed the first medically recorded case of pre-pubescent emphysema (these were in the days before the TABs became smoke free).

Sent to school he quickly established a niche market running a book on the Merry Go Round at the local Showgrounds, until one faithful day when the well backed favourite mysteriously took a fall. Implicated in the resulting scandal, he was banned from the fair grounds for life and swore off Fairy Floss, blaming the sticky sweet goodness for luring him into a life of crime.

Serving his apprenticeship as an on course TAB operator he witnessed the large amounts of Spring Carnival cash coming foolishly pouring through his window and quickly realised that there was more money to be made on the other side of the tote window.

Building a reputation amongst the close inner circle of friends who knew of his exploits on the track, the advent of the internet bought a new opportunity to preach the word of the punt. Kicking off with the spectacularly unsuccessful Quaddie Club in 1998, Turf Deli threw caution to the wind and returned in 1999 with a free and highly successful Spring Carnival weekly email containing tips and the odd witty comment or two.

Spring Carnival 2000 sees Turf Deli embracing this brave new world of internet technology further with this web page.

Professing to run a tipping service if fraught with danger, especially if he should give advice that is not financially sound. However, rest assured the names and addresses of all participants are stored in a storage locker at Spencer Street station, and the police have been notified of possible suspects should he be found floating in the Yarra with a Age Form LiftOut lodged in his wind pipe.

With the humble dream of aiming to entertain and enrich the lives of others (especially the enrich bit), we may not always be right, we may not always win, but hopefully we will always have fun.

And we will leave you with that warm and fuzzy thought, just as Johnny Young and The Young Talent Team did each week with "All My Lovin".

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