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Turf Deli Horse Of The Week
Tie The Knot ?? 14/03/01

The old time Turf Deli viewers know that Tie The Knot is a favourite subject of ours, and yes, we do like to knock him, basically because of his poor record in Melbourne .

There is no doubting that he is a way above average horse, but we stop short of gushing about him - he just seems to get everything fall into place run after run (but only in Sydney). What we want to pay tribute to is his consistency (to stay at the top year after year is a rare feat), how extremely well placed he is in his races, and what incredible runs he keeps getting - meaning he can get by on his talent alone.

Often the early Sydney WFA races feature small fields, and out of form WFA horses and stayers , meaning these races are presented to Tie The Knot on a platter. In the others, time after time, year after year (as has featured in this two wins this time in), he just lopes along at the back of the field and gets dream runs along the rails, or through the field. What is it with these races in Sydney ? Is there some sort of "Give way to Tie The Knot" rule we don't know about ? Like Moses and the Red Sea, the field just parts whenever he approaches. When was the last time he got held up for a run ? (from memory, the Turnbull Stakes in 1998 at Flemington when baldy blocked for a run all the way down the straight as a short priced favourite). Which is probably why he has not won in Melbourne for several years - when he drops back he actually needs to race 3 wide and COME AROUND the field. A novel concept indeed…

To us, champion horses can win in all situations, when they are not supposed too, when things don't go their way. Tie The Knot is way above average and ultra consistent and will soon be the highest Australian trained stakes earner, so obviously he is no slouch, but his Melbourne record is always going to be the blight on his career.

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