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Turf Deli Horse Of The Week
Testa Rossa - Eat Well Cup 23/09/00

We got a few raised eyebrows when we made Testa Rossa the dud bet in the Eat Well Cup.

On paper, 2nd up, up 200M, back from a run of unexplained bad form and meeting horses 6kgs worse off from its last start, whilst still starting favourite, it was just not a value bet. However, we have no doubt that Testa Rossa is way above average (and no doubt, as we suspected all along, that he is a lot better than his long cotton balled arch rival Redoute’s Choice). The horses that stick out as champions are those that win against the odds or win they are not supposed to, and Testa Rossa did just that, leaving a hole in Turf Deli’s wallet, but that does not mean we did not appreciate the quality of the win.

Testa Rossa has been struck down with unexplained bad form for some time, and apparently trainer Dean Lawson tracked down the problem by sending an hair sample to a new fangled equine hair testing laboratory. They promptly diagnosed a liver virus and provided treatment for the problem. They also diagnosed a bad case of dandruff, and the potential for premature balding. Thanks to the good work of the Equine Hair Testing laboratories we will no longer have to see horses with those embarrassing comb overs or badly fitted toupees. Stay tuned for the Advanced Hair - Testa Rossa - Yeah Yeah advertising campaign.

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