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Turf Deli Dud Of The Week
Ring a Ding ....Dong... 23/10/01

We won't comment on the ride on Inaflury cause that is everywhere and people can make up their own minds, and we don’t want to enter into conspiracy theories.

Poor old Shane Dye must be relieved now that Melbourne has a new cups jockey public enemy Number 1 - J A Cassidy. If it took us ten years to forgive Dye for the ride on Veandercross then Mr Cassidy has a long road ahead of him now he has racked up the feature Cups Double on Diatribe and Inaflury.

What was the most bizarre part of the whole episode though was the shameless self promotion of Cassidy (on Inaflury) leading up to the Caulfield Cup. Part of the reason she was so well supported was that Cassidy was absolutely everywhere on Friday / Saturday sprouting his chances - TV, radio, newspapers, large mobile bill boards and we could have sworn we saw him at the shopping mall doing an appearance with the 'celebrities' from Big Brother. Its one thing to say 'yeah, think I've got a good chance', its another to go shouting it from every street corner.

Actually thought for a while he may have been running for a seat in the next Federal Election, cause he did seem to be on the campaign trail trying to sell us something. Ding, ding…dong.

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