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Turf Deli Dud Of The Week
Oliver Suffers News Year's Eve Syndrome 07/10/02

There has been much talk, banter and marketing over the last couple of months as the top jockeys scramble for the best Cup rides available.

Leading jockey Damian Oliver has been the worse culprit, - like the kid in the candy store his eyes bulge out of his head every time a new contender pops up as he searches for a ride that is faster, brighter, and shinier with more flashing lights and whirling noises. This is otherwise known as New Year's Eve Syndrome - where you wait and wait and wait and hold off making a decision and committing to anything to make sure you get to go to the coolest party in town.

Well, we here at Turf Deli have the exclusive on his cups ride - interviewed late this afternoon Damien said "I'm really just not sure - its such a difficult choice - obviously I want to be on the one with the best chance. Northerly.. no, no Fields of Omagh, no wait - Magical Miss. Sheesh - its tough isn’t it ? Actually, I was thinking, maybe I could just decide on the day ? What do you reckon ? Maybe as they round the home turn I could wait on the inside of the track and just run up and jump on the one that is going the best ?".

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