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Turf Deli Dud Of The Week
Wayne Treloar Fake ID Scandal 30/08/02

Rather unfortunate incident recently with veteran jockey Wayne Treloar posing, and signing in as another jockey, Peter Mertens, in order to use the on course sauna. Use of the saunas are restricted to those who have completed a safety and education course and jockey Treloar had wagged school that day and desperately needed to drop a kilo or two for a ride.

Turf Deli has the inside scoop on the whole incident. After not shaving for the day to make sure there was some facial hair to make him look older, and splashing himself with his dad's pongy aftershave, he flashed his fake id (which was his friend's brother's old learner's permit to prove he was 18) to the bouncer. Wayne still played it cool and confident when he got a severe looking up and down from the bouncer, but then failed at the last hurdle - the standard 'So what Star Sign are you then ?" test. Those bouncers are tough critters and smart to boot.

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