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Turf Deli Dud Of The Week
Careyes - so many new ways to lose your money 02/02/02

Not sure about the rest of you punters out there in hard luck land, but we reckon there is a distinct pattern that the more effort have to make to get on a horse, the worse it is going to run - just so you can stand there shaking your head afterwards thinking - "I can't believe I just risked my life and ran across 8 lanes of traffic to get to the TAB to get on this dog".

Moonee Valley meeting on Sat 2nd 2002 as a case in point. Having a nice each way chance in the first leg of the quaddie, Careyes, around the 10-1 mark, we are doing a Saturday arvo shopping crawl in bumper to bumper traffic along Mt Alexander Parade from Turf Deli HQ in Caulfield. (Point aside - we have since discovered that it is actually quicker to get to Cranbourne from Caulfield, than it is to get to Moonee Valley or Flemington). Anyway, with time ticking on, the traffic crawling and the first leg of the quaddie looming it’s a line ball whether to bail to the nearest TAB or continue on. Arriving at the track in the nick of time, we grab some nice each way odds and embark on a quaddie adventure and just have time to catch the breath before they jump.

They jump- Careyes does not - comes out 3 lengths behind them. Things are not looking good. He settles behind them and travels well - and amazingly starts moving around them 3 deep - probably a bit too early - but you want to be wide around the home turn at MV anyway. Astoundingly he hits the lead around the home turn and the miraculous looks possible…but the effort starts to tell and he starts to paddle, but is fighting on OK and at least we are going to get the place dividend….till the last 50M when he spots Turf Deli in the crowd, spooks badly (we only have this effect on horses and single females) suddenly shifts out, throws the jockey before the line and therefore does not complete the race. Needless to say the signs were there that is was not the best day to have a punt and we were heading back out of the car park ASAP.

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