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Turf Deli Dud Of The Week
Betting Pre-Market on the Golden Slipper 28/04/01

We might as well state straight out that we don't really believe in pre-post betting - too much can go wrong in the mean time, injury, rain, corporate takeovers, earthquakes, etc. But we can understand the glory of being able to say "I got 20-1 - 2 weeks ago" as they line up at the start.

Especially with the aura that surrounds the Cups in the Spring - if you can get on the winner early then fellow punters are obliged to carry you triumphant on their shoulders around the TAB (just watch that you don't hit your head on one of the monitors, or block the view of the lone guy betting on Elwick).

Fair enough. But who in their right mind bets pre-post on the feature 2 year old races ?? The Blue Diamond and Golden Slipper are tough enough as it is once you know the fields, with trillions of different form lines to try and line up, and throw into that barriers, track conditions and barometric pressure. And 2 year olds are up and down like yo-yos, hot-hot-hot one minute, cold-cold-freezing the next.

We distinctly remember the ridiculous situation several years ago when Shovhog was all the rage for the Blue Diamond (in the red at 4-6 on) 4 weeks out from the event. He then came to Melbourne to run in one of the Prelude's, got easily beaten and drifted markedly, the track then coming up wet for the big race which he did not like, and Shovhog drifts even further to start at 15-1 or so and runs a place, paying about $3.50 (paying more for the place that he was showing 4 weeks early for the win). So, without meaning to generalise and pigeon hole, if you like to bet pre-market on these 2 year old races, may we humbly suggest you consider getting into the wacky, discount furniture market - you will find lots of kindred spirits there.

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